Krauthammer: Hillary Is A Paper Tiger, And Any Of The 2016 GOP Hopefuls Can Beat Her

Some interesting audio from the Hugh Hewitt Show earlier this week…

Hewitt goes through virtually every one of the potential Republican candidates for 2016 – Christie, Walker, Kasich, Jindal, Cruz, Rubio, John Thune, Paul Ryan and Rand Paul – and Krauthammer gives a brief summary of what he thinks of each of them. And then Hewitt asks which of them can beat Hillary.

The response?

“Every single one could beat Hillary. Hillary is a paper tiger. Hillary was ‘inevitable’ in ’08 and what happened to inevitability.”

Krauthammer’s opinion isn’t all that much of an outlier. Consider, via Hot Air, the latest Quinnipiac poll in Colorado. Not only did it find Obama drowning in a 36/59 favorable/unfavorable rating in that state, but the fire is burning Clinton as well…

This may be early evidence that the O-Care debacle is spilling over into perceptions of other Democrats, specifically the nominee-in-waiting. Hillary trails Chris Christie head to head in this one by eight points, which is an unusually large spread between them; even more unusual is that she also trails Rand Paul (by three) and Paul Ryan (by two) and is tied with Ted Cruz. Typically Christie’s the only Republican who leads her in these hypothetical 2016 match-ups, and even he ends up trailing her sometimes. In Colorado, Quinnipiac found him ahead by three in June and ahead by just one point in August — and now suddenly he’s creeping up on double digits. That’s due in part to the good press he got after his Jersey landslide, but if this was all about Christie, you wouldn’t see Paul and Ryan overtaking Hillary too. Something else is going on.

That’s in Colorado, which has been a worsening bluish state for a decade. If it’s this bad in Colorado, what will it look like in Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada, Virginia?

All of a sudden the electoral map no longer looks like such a high hill for the GOP to climb. And like Krauthammer says, all of a sudden this “inevitability” we’ve heard so much about is bunk.

Krauthammer also throws in the elephant in the room where Hillary is concerned; namely, the fact that she was a terrible Secretary of State. He asks what her signature achievement in that job was, and neither he nor Hewitt could give an answer. Match that with Benghazi, which will be a gift that keeps on giving thanks to the Obama administration’s cover-up of what happened there and the revelations yet to come – and furthermore the fact that Benghazi is a relatively easy scandal to explain to low-information voters hurts her as well – and there’s a great anti-Hillary narrative out there…



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