STEALTH FARKS O’ THE WEEK: This Might Be The Funniest Pic You’ll See…

We got a big kick out of this one. Turns out Sebelius was in Memphis to pimp Obamacare some. And a state senator, who goes by Brian Kelsey, decided to give her a present she wasn’t expectin’.

Hilarity ensued…

Republicans need to get a lot funnier. This is a start.

Y’know that guy Saul Flimflamsky or whatever his name is? He was a lefty. Lefties have lotsa rules – you guys know that by now.

One of his rules was “Ridicule is man’s most powerful weapon,” or somesuch.

Take that, Flimflamsky.

Speakin’ of ridicule, here’s some more…

ted cruz 2 minutes hate


The lefties, they hate ’em some Ted Cruz. He could be Emmanuel Goldstein, they hate him so much. And if the lefties hate you that bad, you might have somethin’ goin’ on.

Speakin’ of lefties and hate, this guy likes to tell the whole Senate to siddown and shaddap

reid absolute

And there’s a pretty good assessment of Obamacare out there…

Meantime…don’t do this:

At least that guy had a Halloween costume.

This kid did pretty well…

And finally…Jay Carney!

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