The Heart Bleeds

Not that I’m too happy about all this, because the Who Dats get blowed up on both of ’em. But in case you weren’t watchin’ Mad Men reruns or somethin’ last night you mighta saw this…

Oh, yeah, that’s pass interference. Pickin’ up that flag was some supreme suckage by the refs.

Remember how last year they had replacement refs? Yeah, that was a disaster. Where are those replacement refs, again? And maybe they oughta get another shot, right?

Because…remember this?

Last play of the game. New England’s throwin’ for the end zone.

Refs stroked the Pats against the Saints, refs shnoogered the Pats last night.

Zero sympathy for the Pats. Lotsa sympathy for the Who Dats. If these calls had been worth a durn, the Saints’d be 9-1 right now and Charlotte – OK, Carolina, but what if you live in Raleigh and you’re a Redskins fan? – would be 6-4. And the division race would be pretty much over if the Saints could just split with Charlotte – OK, Carolina, calm down.

Instead, the Who Dats are 8-2 and Charlotte – I’m callin’ ’em Charlotte and you can’t stop me – is 7-3. One-game lead insteada three.

So yeah, the heart bleeds. Not for Tom Brady, though. Screw that guy. For da Who Dats, who deserve better.



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