SARGE: Don’t Be Invisible Anymore

In this time of modernity and technology, I believe it’s time to look at the concept of physically centralized government and DESTROY IT!

Over the history of mankind people have bonded together for individual benefits developed by that bondage. Man bonded with woman, family resulted as children were born. Families became clans. Clans became societies. Societies became nations. Nations experienced the development of culture (civilization) based on their familial bonds realized through bloodlines, their similarities of job performance and the need for self-protection of the society. People who were similar and shared similar drives, ambitions and growth potential assumed there was a natural order to their progress and their wish for continuing that growth from the safety of numbers.

People built communities. They insulated themselves from the dangers apparent in the presence and contact with the wild, the unknown and contact with other clans and societies proving the desire for dominance over them. In this insulating thought process they then developed a less fruitful concept: isolation. In their desire to protect and nurture the positive elements of society and culture they built barriers: levees, walls, battlements and barricades designed to keep unwanted persons, thoughts and diseases (physical, mental and societal) from affecting their closed society. But, for this isolation they became intellectually in-bred and as such their intellectual genetics became recessive and dangerous because of the frailties inherent to genetic confinement and circuitry.

In their desire to expand they developed trade. They opened the gates and allowed, under controlled conditions, trade and commerce. They learned to demand and accept more while producing less. They learned a concept of cost and balanced their needs against the needs of the competitor. They always strove to command more and exceed the needs of the producer. Societies always strive for ascendency over their competition whether through trade guilds or unions or governments.

But in this developmental idea of defining cost, they turned their back on a concept referred to as value. Blood devalued blood in the form of competitive contest where brother exceeded the performance of brother and status was elevated for the competitive, winning performance. Accolade and treasure was showered upon the victor. Those who accumulated the most materially were accepted as somehow being superior because they could now buy protection in the form of personal agents and armies as opposed to relying on family bloodlines and personally responsible coalitions.

The wealthy, those having more, distanced themselves from their societies and used the force of their personalities and the power of their burgeoning wealth and societal positions to remove themselves from those who originally kept them safe through family loyalties and were displaced by greed and avarice.

Witness the development of government.

Governments composed of those with wealth, the power of arms and the avarice to control the personal conditions developed by the family, the clan and the society walled itself off from those it threatened with its abuses of power. Government proclaimed it was to protect the masses by centralizing the control of all societies under one strong and determined oligarch or plutocracy divined by gods to be the only ones worthy of this trust. It was the centralization of power within one self-serving class (and placed in one location) removed government and protection of the people from that centralized government started the fall of most early civilizations.

Enter the age of reason where people debate and argue the points of civilization and whether the paths taken are beneficial to the common man; or not. Witness the birth of republicanism, democracy and the drive for self-determination. But democracy, republicanism and self-determination were viewed as rights of those separate and apart from those they ruled over. These things were mere privileges to those ruled over.

As long as government was centralized and apart from those ruled, government maintained (and still maintains) separation of people from their power exists. Government is conducted in secret and away from the controls of the people. Government becomes adversarial to the people originally empowered it. As the people know NOTHING of what’s debated (allegedly in their interests) they have NO say in what will be done for them or AGAINST THEM by those in power.

If you can’t stand in the face of a tyrant personally and express the power of your conviction so that tyrant knows your distaste for him and his policies, understands your distrust and wariness when watching his performance and he doesn’t feel challenged to serve his electorate as opposed to simply rule over them: you become a subject, not an equal.

This is the state of things in the world today.

We have technology allows electronic, telephonic and video-conferencing at the speed of thought. NO Legislative group need take up residence in Washington, London, Paris, Moscow or any other centralized enclave where the rights of man are carved and hewn away in secrecy. No governmental process needs to be cloaked in shadow at the detriment of the people so the wealthy and privileged alone in their clans (political parties) may plot against them.

If you can’t personally make a politician understand, and yes FEAR, your displeasure at his performance you have NO power. If he never sees you beyond those times he kisses your butt for his next election; you are invisible.

It’s time to take back our power.

Thanks for listening.

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