SARGE: For This You Want Respect?

Homo: any of a genus of hominids that includes modern humans (H.sapiens) and several extinct species (as H. erectus and H. habilus)

Phobia:  an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation

(Merriam Webster Dictionary-2013)

So; if I’ve got this right the specific definition of “Homo” is as a prefix to a specific genus/phylum definition concerning the development of the human race in anthropological terms such as: Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalensis, , Homo sapiens (Cro-Magnon), Homo sapiens etc.

(Wikipedia 2013)

Okay. I can run with that. And a phobia is an inexplicable, illogical fear of something. That makes sense. So where does the part come in where I’m supposed to be afraid of homosexuals? Is there something here I’m missing? Because there isn’t a bloody one of them, male or female engenders fear in me. Wonder and amusement from those of extreme wit and comedic talent comes to mind in some instances and personae. Awe and inspiration flows forth for others for their ability to act and deliver character portrayals worthy of such admiration.

There’ve been playwrights and authors using their abilities to intrigue and beguile while telling stories, crafting tales and suspending the audiences’ disbelief as easily as waving a hand or casting the magic spell of literary teleportation. But they became famous and won the hearts and minds of their audiences based on the maturity of their efforts to perfect a craft and in doing so develop an art.

Leonardo DaVinci was believed to be such, as was Michaelangelo. Later, in the history of modern man came Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, and James Baldwin. Truman Capote joined the giants in their crafts in the literary world. Sir Laurence Olivier, Montgomery Cliff and James Dean and other members of this generation thrilled their adoring congregants as they performed the great plays and performances of their ages. There was a host of others who were recognizable as different but whose talent surpassed their sexual proclivities as the primary point of their audiences’ interests. But, when you remember these great artists it’s difficult to remember where and when any of them made a big deal of their love lives. Surely some did but they suffered for the indiscretion of producing TMI (too much information) for a public not wanting to accept the actions of this nature in an indiscrete and flagrant manner.

It was too much for people to understand or accept. The public simply wanted to be entertained and made to forget their problems while watching others like them get past those problems and go on to enjoy their lives after the curtain fell. People don’t seek entertainment in the trials and tribulations of people unlike them and as such are emotionally detached. They want to engage with people suffering the same workday indignities made light of or heroically overcome and putting the bad guy in his place for his nefarious activity. They don’t want their illusions destroyed as much as they want to see their problems overcome giving them hope they too can prevail.

Reality doesn’t do this for them. Finding out the hero(ine) of a movie or TV performance has more drama in his/her off-screen life than on the screen is off-putting. In real life, people simply don’t want to hear a great deal of whining and moaning. The person kvetching is complaining about something they can’t, or don’t want to equate to.

Add to the mix the fact some people have been told throughout their lives certain acts are immoral, improper or unsanitary and you have a perfect storm of misunderstanding, lack of acceptance and refusal to accept the lifestyle thought improper. You can’t make people love you. You can’t stamp your foot and make them approve of what they don’t want to approve. You can’t gain respect for acting like a spoiled brat not getting its way as some of the gay/lesbian elite have done in the past.

I’ve got a suggestion. Shut up. Grow up. Keep your private stuff private. Do your utmost to do a good job and be the best person you can be. All of the recognition you crave will come to you in good time if you have acquired the qualities of humility, constancy and dedication to principles making you recognizable as a good person.

That’s what’ll get you acceptance as a human, not striking fear in the hearts of your fellow travelers because you’re not appreciated the way and manner and time you want to be.

Think about it.

Thanks for listening.

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