SARGE: Through A Lens Darkly

So, where are we? Not where were we; but where are we? It’s easy to emerge from the Christmas holiday and wonder how we managed to get to where we are and wonder at what we’ve become for the experience. It appears we’re developing a picture of the future by filtering the past through a lens more reminiscent of a muddy sphincter than the clarity of a focused camera lens.

That’s my polite way of saying we can’t envision a better future if we keep accepting the directions of butt-holes.

No more really needs be said concerning the “Duck Dynasty” controversy. So, Jesse Jackson finally leapt into the fray to prevent anybody fully recognizing he’s irrelevant. He always has been, but since Obama stole his thunder by being elected the first black president, has started fading into the distance “The Great Bloviator’s” uses his stentorian, rumbling, iambic pentameter to get a point across to the less than erudite: “if you check my stash, I need the cash”. If you count the seconds between the lightning’s flash and the thunder it created you’ll need a calendar to determine how far away his significance really is.

Again, to listen to this guy would be filtering your future through a muddied sphincter.

The GOP is at war with the Tea Party. The Republican Party can’t afford to lose anymore allies. But never fear, in order to control that which is least functional, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will most assuredly channel as much campaign cash as they can to candidates most likely to fall appreciatively in line. These elder and wannabee candidates will be expected to practice shutter (sphincter) discipline as is necessary to keep the hemorrhoids (Boehner and McConnell) lubricated so the end product of self-serving government releases its product as efficiently and massively as ever. I’m still trying to figure out exactly who it was suffered from the government shut-down other than Republicans not providing a united front against the Democrats’ lies and unity.

Once more; sphincteric filtration.

Obama continues his misdirection and sleight-of-hand. As we continue with our orders to ignore the problems of and accept and invest in the Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare debacle, we see our focal point is being directed away from Fast and Furious, Benghazi and IRS intrusion into people’s lives and political efforts by rejecting acceptable tax-exempt status to organizations fighting his lies and bloviations. He narrows the aperture of the sphincter/camera lens again so we can only appreciate what we‘re told we’re supposed to see and yet, accept blindly. His lens rejects the panoramic fact every attempted implementation of this drivel has resulted in the ruin of economies, the depression of the people and the dissolution of trust in government.

The New Year approaches. Will we recognize nothing we’ve seen? Must we continue gagging on what we don’t want as it’s produced and force-fed us by a minimal number of people loud enough, rude enough and organized enough to continually thwart or efforts to take back that which has been taken from us by guile and subterfuge? Must we resort to the force of arms, the violence of battle between the state and its citizens before anybody understands our anger’s serious concerning our liberty stolen from us by people we trusted to protect us?

The lens is opening again. The past presents a picture of a revolution pitting a citizenry against its government. But, it’s not the American Revolution where colonists fought a continentally distant and emotionally displaced government. That government deprived its citizens of its respect. Yet no royal suffered a personal loss of life on those distant shores.

It’ll be more akin to the French Revolution where governmental traitors to their requirement to serve the people will fall to those same people storming their “new” Bastille and removing the heads of the snakes betrayed them.

Which lens will you accept: that which filters through a sphincter-like aperture producing a dirty, sepia-tinted muddiness masquerading as a true image? Or, will you use a clear lens, opening and focused onto the subject at hand and then record the photo YOU made?

The choice is yours.

Thanks for listening

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