They Got Leg-Humpin’ Manatees In Florida

I’m continuin’ with the animal videos today. It’s Christmas season an’ all. Plus the animals are smarter than the president – or at least the stuff they say an’ do is more intelligible.

For example, this guy Jay Darden – no, not the Lootenant Govna, that’s a Darden with a n-e at the end an’ this dude is a different dude – went swimmin’ in the Crystal River over by Tampa and found a friend…

You ain’t s’posed to fondle a manatee down there, which is the source of all kindsa consternation among the local Democrats for environmentalist reasons as well as what you call gender creativity, but there ain’t a lot you can do when one a’ those goofy sea-cow lookin’ things decides he wants to hump your leg. At that point you just go with it, I guess, and scratch his belly for him. Just get video of it so you don’t get sued when the manatee gets hold of a lawyer.

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