VIDEO: The Rich Plutocrats Of St. George

The smartasses at Red Stick Now went out with a camera and did a lil’ photo shoot to find the hifalutin’ rich whiteys who wanna secede from Baton Rouge. Or somethin’. But it don’t quite look like they found too much of what they was lookin’ for.

Yeah, that’s a snappy tune.

And yeah, that ain’t much of an accurate look at what St. George is. St. George is gonna be rich-y if it makes itself a city.

But that Gardere place is gonna be in St. George. Most of those pics came outta Gardere. And Gardere sucks…hard. It’s a hood’s hood. St. George is gonna have Gardere in it.

So before you buy in to all this bidness about how it’s nothin’ but white dudes who light their see-gars with C-notes, you might wanna check yourself some. They got holes in that there narrative.

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