BAYHAM: Why They March

Tens of thousands of pro-life activists braved freezing temperatures to march in Washington, DC on the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationally.

Guided by their imaginations and predilections, the judicial branch of the state discovered in the constitution a right to terminate a pregnancy while simultaneously rejecting that a fetus was a person.

This invention presented as an interpretation of a constitutional clause has been declared the law of the land.

However our nation was founded on something greater than an operator’s manual, specifically principles. These principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence gave our country reason for being and the moral conviction to assert our sovereignty.

The first and foremost of these principles is the inalienable right to life.

Now this part should be abundantly clear, or rather self-evident, but without life, there is no existence. And without existence freedom is meaningless.

For abortion opponents, the issue is simply a matter of life and death. Life begins when the necessary elements for creating a human being merge at conception.

Everything that happens after conception is a matter of development and state of fragility, but nonetheless life since we know with certainty that the natural outcome will be a human baby.
For pro-abortion activists, the question of when life begins is irrelevant and summarily dismissed. They cloak it in a fog of demagoguery about the subjugation of women, birth control, fiscal lifestyle preservation, population control, sexual liberation, privacy or whatever else that sells.

There is no unifying truth, only classes of justifications.

One of the rhetorical offerings hurled against the pro-abortion wall that sounds powerful is “reproductive freedom”, an argument more relevant in Communist China where a woman’s freedom to bear as many children as she wishes is restricted by the state.

In an article for the Daily Beast, Sally Kohn slanders advocates for life as being in truth forces for “patriarchy.”

Pro-choice apologists treat the procedure as if it were no different than having wisdom teeth pulled or an appendix removed and the matter of legalized abortion as being about power, though abortion does not empower women so much as it allows men to escape the legal minimum responsibility of providing financially for a life they helped create.

Furthermore, abortion proponents reject science as well.

The difference between a fetus and a human being is not a period of nine months, give or take a few weeks. How much different is a fetus in its eighth month than in its ninth? How is the former less human?

That abortion stops a nine-week old fetus’ beating heart is irrefutable.

The question is whether unborn fetuses should be considered disposable, with the answer being revealing about society far beyond its collective position on a woman’s right to choose.
A society that views an unwanted pregnancy as an inconvenience that can be eliminated at whim will not be any kinder or more merciful to other powerless segments.

How will our elders fare in such a society when they can no longer serve the interests of the state and become a disproportionate drain on community resources?

We already live in a society that by statute degrades the value of humanity where destruction of sea turtle eggs is a felony and are protected under pain of fine and prison while abortion is subsidized and celebrated.

Some justify the aquatic reptiles “favored” status because sea turtles are an endangered species while people are not.

Anyone who would put an animal’s life over a human being’s based upon “the numbers” should not be entrusted with any position of authority.

Those who recognize that abortion is the termination of a human life, possessing both heart and soul, are compelled to speak out against this evil, for no other word does justice for the barbaric procedure of tearing apart the body of a living being’s body.

Though protestors on both sides engage in pithy sloganeering, nothing is more striking than the grim countenances on the face of the women who hold signs with the words “I Regret My Abortion.”

My heart and prayers go out to these women, witnesses to gravity of abortion, who entered a clinic with child and left with the seeds of trauma and anguish.

Inspired by God and substantiated by science, the men, women, teenagers and children of the pro-life movement choose to withstand the cold weather and icy glare of a popular culture mobilized against them for lives and souls, of both babies and mothers.

That is why they march.

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