VIDEO: Brit Hume Skewers The Pro-Abortion Crowd

Fantastic monologue on the occasion of the March For Life on the Washington Mall yesterday. And an even more interesting answer to a question from Brett Baier on the future of the pro-life/pro-choice debate.

The Right has made significant strides in the culture where the abortion issue is concerned, though some of that is due to the mendacity and overreach of the abortion lobby. Whatever the cause, a Fox News poll this week showed the pro-life position with a 48-45 advantage over the pro-choice position. There has been a lot of public oscillation on the issue, but the general trend over the past 10 years is that the country is moving in a more pro-life direction – and that younger voters are driving much of that movement.

And it also appears that some conservatives within the political class are becoming more intelligent about how to approach the issue politically. The Texas abortion law that Wendy Davis made herself into a media star over, for example, cut through most of the Left’s rhetoric about rape and incest and other hairy exceptions to an abortion ban by drawing the line at 20 weeks into pregnancy.

That Texas bill says “you have the right to an abortion. You have five whole months to make a decision whether or not to get one. But at 20 weeks that’s an unborn baby which could survive outside the womb, and no – you can’t kill it. It doesn’t matter why or how you got pregnant; unless there are medical exigencies present you had your window to get that procedure done and now we’re going to side with the human being you’ve created. And by the way, we’re not going to have Kermit Gosnell-style abattoirs in Texas; to run an abortuary you’re going to have to have admitting privileges at a hospital somewhere so we know there are real doctors performing this procedure rather than hacks and quacks.”

A shameless opportunist and liar like Davis might try to grandstand her way to national prominence by opposing that legislation, but it might be the most effective strategy yet. You can’t call the Texas law extreme; not when it actually allows abortions well into the second trimester and makes sure that there are some standards surrounding a rather invasive medical procedure. In fact, when you consider the actual position opponents of that law are taking it’s not difficult to recognize the real extremism. And when the Wendy Davises and Andrew Cuomos are the prime political advocates for the abortion lobby, that side naturally struggles to maintain its credibility with the public.

In short, it’s a good time for the pro-life movement. And Hume is correct in his characterization of the debate.

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