CAP BLACK: The Most Revolutionary Thing A Black Man Can Do…

As a rule of thumb, I don’t believe in the popular notion of Black revolutionaries because failure to be productive citizens in this society isn’t a good indicator of future performance in one starting from scratch.

The most revolutionary thing a Black man can is simple.

It’s not even as drastic as changing his name; diet or religion, though these are game changing assertions of a self freed from limiting past constructs.

The most revolutionary thing a Black man can do is… not become a felon!

TA-DAHHH!!! EUREKA! SHAZAM!AMEN! HALLELUYAH! ASHE! and every other exclamation to the Divine supplicants can utter.

A Black man with a felony, let alone several. voluntarily places himself into legal bondage.

He can be legally excluded from employment; federal financial aid; public housing; private housing from discerning land lords; entering certain professions; voting; running for office; owning fire arms and other weapons… need I continue?

That’s right brothers, you can allow people to legally discriminate against you and there isn’t anything you can do about it in the age of the background check.

You can hope against hope some liberal or even libertarian politician can get enough support to change state or federal law, but it’s not likely to happen soon enough to help millions of self-enslaved Black men!

Think about that the next time some felon ( or future one ) wants you to join him in selling some crack; robbing somebody or breaking into a home or business.

Definitely think about if you’re the one planning a felony crime because it’s like jumping into the slave ship and telling the captain, ” Let’s go! ”

Felonies equal slavery and I’m not mad that they do.

Look at any inner city crime rate and guess who’s committing most of the offenses, you guessed it, felons i.e., so-called brothers and sisters who do serious crime as a life style.

Think long and hard about whether you want to be a legal slave whom people can discriminate against or worse, use as a meal ticket for reentry programs which make money off your slave status.

That’s why the most revolutionary thing a Black man can do is not become a felon and therefore deny others legal reasons to limit his opportunities or worse, profiteer from his plight.

But, if you do choose to become a felon, please, don’t waste my time complaining how hard life is for you.

It’s already hard enough for brothers and others who aren’t felons or ” reborn ” ones who’ve left felonious lifestyles in their distant past!

Be a real Black revolutionary- don’t be a felon!

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