Low Popahirum, National Edition (1-27-14)

“How is it possible that a measly $20,000 in donations could leap out at investigators during a ‘routine review’? Most people charged with this crime front hundreds of thousands of dollars — and end up with far lesser charges. And are we to believe this ‘routine review’ only snared Mr. D’Souza? If $20,000 in contributions leapt out at the FBI, are we to believe that D’Souza is the only contributor guilty of setting up straw donations? Where are the other lawbreakers?” – PJ Media

“President Barack Obama spent the last six years lying to insured Americans by telling them that ObamaCare would have no impact on them, and it’s been years since Democrats and Republicans have passed a budget on regular order. What a surprise that few trust any of them to do their jobs well, as the latest Washington Post/ABC poll shows…” – Hot Air

An epidemic of pogonophobia is upon the land – pogonophobia being the irrational fear of beards. It comes in response to a Pentagon directive that gives some latitude to U.S. troops who wear beards — and turbans, and yarmulkes — for religious reasons.” – Kevin Williamson/National Review

“According to a new study by the Employment Policies Insitute (EPI), only four percent of the 210 lawmakers who pledged their allegiance to a bill raising the minimum wage pay their interns.” – Daily Caller

“The threat of terrorists using ungoverned spaces to target the U.S., one of the central rationales for launching the invasion of Afghanistan and the bid to dismantle the Taliban, remains a very present danger, with Syria, western Iraq and parts of Africa and Afghanistan itself all potential nightmares.” – POLITICO

“Obama, in an effort to avoid the appearance of being a lame duck president, is also expected in his State of the Union address to press Congress to extend long-term unemployment benefits and to assure Americans that they are better off with ObamaCare, despite a rocky start to the website rollout.” – Fox News

“Some five years after Keystone XL was proposed, Canadian officials, Republicans and some Democrats in conservative U.S. states are expressing frustration over the lack of a decision by the White House on the initiative.” – Reuters

“The Capital Times reports the latest tax documents available show combined income of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees dropped 45% in 2012. That was the first full year of the law, called Act 10.” – Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“In typical establishment fashion, Reince Priebus and the wizards at the RNC have looked at the last presidential nomination cycle and learned the wrong lessons. They have concluded that not allowing Mitt Romney a smooth coronation was the problem, and they are out to make sure their anointed one never has to face that again. As such, the prescriptions for change recently announced by Priebus will only make things worse. This is what happens when a national party is isolated from — and igorant of — its nation.” – American Thinker

“The problem with outside groups engaging in political debate is that they take their case to the American people, instead of taking it to senators. How does its help Schumer if no lobbyists are wining and dining him, delivering him PAC checks, and hiring his staff?” – Washington Examiner

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