What Mike Huckabee Actually Said

By now our readers have surely seen the coverage of Mike Huckabee’s remarks at last week’s RNC meeting, at which he exhorted the party to be a lot more combative in staving off the Democrats’ attempts to spread a GOP “war on women” narrative.

Somehow, what Huckabee said has become “controversial,” and evidence of the “stupid party,” and Huckabee is now the Second Coming Of Todd Akin.

This, for making a statement about how women are just as capable as men are, and how it’s insulting for the Democrats to define female voters solely based on issues like abortion and birth control.

Yeah, that’s actually what Huckabee said. Here – here’s a side-by-side video of what MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and her propagandist editors have Huckabee saying…and what Huckabee actually says.

Since this asinine controversy has come to the forefront Huckabee is now being lectured by such heavyweight pundits as Kathleen Parker about how male Republican politician shouldn’t “go there,” and how making statements which could be interpreted as “not getting it” is bad politics.

The same lectures are being given to Rand Paul today after he made mention that Bill Clinton was an abuser of women and intimated that the concept of a “war on women” being spread for the benefit of a political party which offers Clinton up as a patron saint is one of the most egregious concoctions in modern political history.

Interestingly, nobody seems compelled to mention that what MSNBC presented Huckabee as saying is a vicious, damnable lie – and nobody seems to want to recognize that if Huckabee was given a fair hearing, as the “civility” and “tolerance” we’re supposed to strive for in our politics would indicate, his statements in total wouldn’t be considered an attack on women or a diminution of their value in society or politics.

MSNBC gets a pass, if only because MSNBC’s rank partisan propaganda is treated as a given.

Why on earth does MSNBC get a pass? MSNBC presented Huckabee as saying something 180 degrees different from what he actually said. And the WaPo’s pet “conservative” Kathleen Parker is attacking Huckabee for saying anything at all because MSNBC could chop it up and lie about it.

Huckabee isn’t the Stupid Party here. The “conservative intelligentsia” is.

No, the “war on women” meme won’t go away if Huckabee, Rand Paul and every other white-guy GOP politician shuts up about it, and it won’t go away if they all start talking like A-students from some idiotic sensitivity training seminar.

Like Huckabee said, the “war on women” narrative is a lie. It was always a lie.

The “war on women” was borne of two things – one, attempts by Republicans in state legislatures to restrict late-term abortions, some of which were rather silly and misguided, and two, the Sandra Fluke creepshow about government-mandated birth control even through institutions at which those mandates are violent intrusions into the freedom of religion.

And the proof it’s a lie can be found in two words: Bob Filner. Democrats – not just in San Diego; in Washington, and up to and including Nancy Pelosi – protected and enabled a serial abuser and molester of women on his staff for practically a generation, both in Congress and as mayor of that city.

Filner is one of the most abusive, sexist cads in the history of American politics and he was coddled and protected by the same Democrat party which coddled and protected Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer and any number of other atrocious characters whose behavior damaged relations between the sexes.

And why? Because Bob Filner was on board with the idea of government dollars to support infanticide.

There’s your war on women.

And that’s why Huckabee was right to say what he said. It’s also why MSNBC so brazenly lied to its audience about his message. The narrative must be protected at all costs, regardless of how mendacious and laughable it might be.

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