Low Popahirum, National Edition (1-28-14)

It may be graphic. It may be outrageous. But it is what abortion rights activists support. They claim they only support the right to choose the option — but that option is still tearing a human being into bits and pieces. I’m coming to the position that we should not let them hide behind the cover of euphemism.” – Erick Erickson/RedState

“The House Republican leadership’s broad framework for overhauling the nation’s immigration laws will call this week for a path to legal status — but not citizenship — for many of the 11 million adult immigrants who are in the country illegally, according to aides who have seen the party’s statement of principles. For immigrants brought to the United States illegally as young children, the Republicans would offer a path to citizenship.” – NY Times

China’s recent test of a new ultra-high speed strike vehicle highlights growing concerns that Chinese military advances will overtake those of the United States in as few as five years, a senior Pentagon official told Congress Tuesday.” – Washington Free Beacon

“You know what the government can do for me? Leave me the hell alone. They can’t get us through airports without groping us, they can’t deliver our mail without a bailout, they can’t fight a war without turning the military in a sociological experiment, and they can’t manage healthcare without 404 errors, death panels, and rigged numbers to hide massive debt.” – Erick Erickson/RedState

“The most intriguing question about the latest GOP push on immigration is one that no one seems to be asking: Why does the Republican Party seem so determined to push immigration reform this year?” – John Hawkins/Townhall

“The government of Ukraine took a big step backward today — and then fled the field — in the face of growing unrest in Kiev and across the country.” – Hot Air

“‘If she really was sorry, then she would stand up and join me and 22 other senators calling for a joint select committee in Congress to investigate why our facilities in Benghazi were not secure, why we didn’t respond to the reports of terrorist activities, why we didn’t have military assets in place to protect our brave men who were serving there, and and why nobody has been held accountable — not a single person’s been fired at the Department of State, and none of the terrorists who attacked us over a year ago have been brought to justice,’ Cruz said on Fox News on Monday afternoon.” – Washington Examiner

“She said he will continue to prod Congress to pass major pieces of legislation, such as immigration reform and trade agreements. ‘But he also will make clear tonight that he will take action on his own,’ Jarrett said, pointing to Tuesday’s announcement that Obama plans to raise the minimum wage on all federal contracts to $10.10 an hour.” – CNS News

That’s why it is now necessary to bring this thing to trial and for Dr Mann to lose, and be seen to lose. If he gets away with just another case in which he threatens somebody and runs up their legal bills but is never actually forced to court and on to the stand, he will do it again, and again. The real threat is to his fellow scientists who are already queasy about his work but see what happens when, like Judith Curry, you question this insecure bully in public. They will remain silent, and vote for a quiet life.” – Mark Steyn

“The annual State of the Union pageant is a hideous, dispiriting, ugly, monotonous, un-American, un-republican, anti-democratic, dreary, backward, monarchical, retch-inducing, depressing, shameful, crypto-imperial display of official self-aggrandizement and piteous toadying, a black Mass during which every unholy order of teacup totalitarian and cringing courtier gathers under the towering dome of a faux-Roman temple to listen to a speech with no content given by a man with no content, to rise and to be seated as is called for by the order of worship — it is a wonder they have not started genuflecting — with one wretched representative of their number squirreled away in some well-upholstered Washington hidey-hole in order to preserve the illusion that those gathered constitute a special class of humanity without whom we could not live.” – Kevin Williamson/National Review

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