POPCORN-WORTHY: Bagneris’ Response To Obama’s Mitch Landrieu Endorsement

If we didn’t know better we’d almost think Dutch Morial’s chief of staff was a Republican. On the day Barack Obama endorsed the incumbent in the New Orleans mayor’s race, Bagneris had this comment to offer…

“I am hardly surprised by the endorsement. I am sure that before February 1 many of Mary Landrieu’s friends in Washington will endorse her brother.

Today’s endorsement is not about Mayor of New Orleans, it’s about the United States Senate. But Washington can’t protect us from crime.  Washington can’t restore our peace of mind.  Washington can’t fix a broken administration that spends more money and time on deputy mayors than on fixing basic city services like filling potholes, turning on street lights, posting street signs.

Mitch Landrieu can hide behind Washington insiders and his big sister, but he can’t hide from the dramatic facts that make our community shutter in fear. I am confident the people of New Orleans will get it right when they make their decision for mayor. Voters understand that the President’s support is motivated by national politics, and they won’t let that change what they do behind the curtain.

Four years ago, Mitch Landrieu didn’t call on Washington to bail him out.  But now he is in trouble because voters have seen him and are tired of empty promises. The fact that he was forced to turn to Washington for help is indicative that this is a very close election and we can win.  The people have just begun to be heard, and Mitch doesn’t like what he’s hearing.”

When you don’t have a dog in this one, there’s only one thing to do…

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