SARGE: Chuck The Schmuck Has Struck Again

I thought Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer stepped in a meadow muffin somewhere and tracked it to the podium to address the press. I was wrong and stand corrected. It wasn’t his shoes.

It’s his breath exhausting as he spits his drivel regularly and exhausts the American public’s patience.

The Washington Examiner published Joseph Lawler’s piece today (1-24-2014) quoting “The Schmuck” as saying: “Schumer acknowledged that Democrats failed to address the rise of the Tea Party over the past four years, with the result that top conservative donors’ “quack medicine” was allowed to “fill the vacuum and capture the anger that was bubbling in the land.” He said that the Tea Party was motivated by a “fear of a changing America” and compared it with the “Temperance Movement.”

Now, we know how well the “Temperance Movement” was after culminating in the 18th Amendment to the Constitution. The crime of bootlegging thrived, criminality associated with bootlegging flourished and people died. The only ones punished successfully and on a daily basis were the average citizens controlled while the criminal element made millions.

Dumb basses like “The Schmuck” forget that. “The Schmuck” and his merry minions forget governmental interference in the people’s personal business led to this thing called (ta-da-da-da-a-a-!): The American Revolution. “Chuckie” doesn’t understand it can happen again. If that revolution was conducted a la’ the FRENCH Revolution “Chuckie” could lose his mind in an entirely different manner.

Schumer’s a moron. He says: “”The fundamental weakness in the Tea Party machine is the stark difference between what the leaders of the Tea Party elite, ‘plutocrats like the Koch brothers’, want and what the average grassroots Tea Party follower wants. The reporter then said: “By driving a wedge between wealthy conservative businessmen and the rank and file, Democrats can tame the Tea Party, Schumer suggested.”

In an effort to assure the pot can call the kettle black, Schumer calls the Koch Brothers “Plutocrats.” You know; like just last week “Chuckie” was bagging groceries at the Pac n’ Sack in upstate New York for a little extra comic book money. If ever there was a plutocrat it would be this Kennedy-butt-kissing oligarch with an ego pumping more self-serving effluent than Niagara drops at the falls.

The Tea Party rank and file appreciates the fact the Koch Brothers made their money in a capitalist society. “Chuckie” and his slimy ilk take their money from the taxpayer’s pockets and invest in the same economy the Koch Brothers have flourished in. Investment in private industry is what makes fortunes and continually develops this nation. It would be impolite to call “Chuckie” disingenuous. I’d call him a flippin’ liar and I’m willing to do it to his face.

Schumer wants to split the Tea Party’s rank and file from its financial benefactors (the same type of benefactors “Chuckie” and his buddies regularly entice into giving millions to his liberal causes) by focusing on pro-government issues such as the minimum wage, college aid, infrastructure and equal pay for women. He wants to bribe us with “government money” really understood as YOUR OWN DAMNED MONEY. He also wants to counteract the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. He favors open primaries because the unions can infiltrate party rolls and pollute the ballots cast more efficiently. They essentially choose who the liberals will face in a future election by mass voting for weaker candidates.

There’s no gap between the benefactors and those benefitted most – the American middle class. Those working the hardest and having their pockets picked regularly in the form of taxes to subsidize endless welfare benefits and medical largesse, are getting a wee bit miffed at guys like “Chuckie” giving over one-third of what they owe and pay in taxes to people NOT earning anything but expecting everything.

“Chuckie” thinks if he gives away everything you work for, those receiving everything will keep him and his cronies in office.

He’s right so far.

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