SARGE: Circle The Wagons

Harry Reid has spoken; his words praising Obama create new drama. Nancy Pelosi’s a dirt ball dressed like a beach ball. Like the first cow pie, on the first grass, she’s more a weed in our garden; more like Astroturf passing for grass.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid don’t want us calling the Affordable Care Act (ACA) ObamaCare anymore. They feel it’s a pejorative or uncomplimentary. I suggest we use it every chance we get. The visual forming in my mind of both of them going Scanners while pontificating before the press is awesome. (To explain: “Scanners” (1981) was a movie where people with psychic powers could cause others’ head to explode at will. A nifty talent don’t you think?)

When Obama was campaigning it was okay to call the ACA ObamaCare. He was proud of it. Pelosi was proud of it before it was propelled to the forefront of the ridiculous. Remember when we were told: … we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy” we must ask; why couldn’t we read it before you asses passed it? For that matter, why the hell didn’t YOU read it before you passed it?

The ACA has been proven to be so badly flawed from a political standpoint it’s the poster child for any and all legislation should never get passed out of committees. This piece of crap legislation has already been proven so full of loopholes, rat-holes and black holes it’s become a constellation of self-serving stupidity in action. The bad part of it all is it WAS NOT written by your representatives and senators.

It was written by non-governmental special interests specially qualified to write in “legalese”, then sent to legislative assistants, along with synopses and basic explanations of what the writing said and means and then given to the representatives and senators for sponsorship before their specific legislative houses. The problem comes where the senator or representative has to justify what’s in the legislation. They read from the synopsis. They have no greater understanding of what SPECIFICALLY is in the body of the legislation than the restroom attendant has to give them a towel because they’re too stupid to operate a hand-blower.

For those of you who are being disabused of your understanding as to how the government works it’s to be understood this has always been this way. Money talks-B.S. walks. You pay a miniscule amount of their paycheck in the form of taxes. Because that amount of money is so small as an individual, legislators feel NO need to listen to you, the taxpayer. You’re another sheep in the herd.

The big money comes from industries and wealthy individuals with axes to grind and profit margins to expand. They have special interests needing legislative action to make the issue legal. The days of envelopes passed across the dinner table hasn’t changed much, having been displaced by covert insider trading. It’s only covert now because everybody howled about the special privileges congress votes itself while seeing to it the average citizen is prosecuted for the same acts. It’s similar to Ponzi being the progenitor of a “scheme” and Roosevelt enacted Social Security, or Obama pushing the ACA where the younger subsidize the elderly. When the scheme is hidden in a legislative fog it becomes unrecognizable and acceptable.

Nobody noticed people 25 years old and younger could stay on parental coverage. This removes them from the pool expected to carry the load for the program. It’s stuff like this needs to be read before you pass it to remove the stupid, duplicative and duplicitous garbage saddles the middle-class with the bill.

But that would be too much like being representative of the needs of the people. It would also remove the congress from their grafting, illegal benefits and their comfy, lordly positions over us they peon (sic). Now, they’ve passed a 1 Trillion dollar budget we’re expected to shoulder into the future and place in our children’s wagons for them to carry.

Let’s circle the wagons and get rid of these people: NOW! Re-elect nobody!

Thanks for listening.

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