SARGE: I Want My Country Back

Tuesdays suck a big, wet washrag. There’s nothing new happening. Chris Christie’s getting hammered because of the stupid, juvenile actions of a minion while Beaurat Obama still hasn’t suffered sanction for his plethora of debacles i.e. : Benghazi-gate, Fast and Furious, IRS interference in the tax-exempt status of conservative elements and ObamaCare.

Government’s directed by slugs like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. It’s a bloated shambles. The American citizen is becoming less and less relevant. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor no longer represent the Red, White and Blue of traditional conservative values. They’ve acquired a hue similar to a ruddy, cruddy purple polluting the conservative palette with so much more effluent they excrete than policies different from the morally based side of the aisle.

So, I’m floundering around trying to think of something of value to write about. I mean; how do you comment on a subject so many people now accept as no more than the way it’s “supposed to be”. How low have our expectations dropped? How much more slop must we endure at the once luxuriant dinner with the produce and production of man’s greatest ideals?

Open your eyes people! You’re shoulder to shoulder at the trough fighting for garbage as Congress (masquerading as Farmer Goodlife) fattens and preps you for slaughter. The modern American Gothic is a visual statement of the flat-line this once vibrant country presents on its daily electrocardiogram. The personality and vibrancy of the average American’s involvement in his political destiny is muddying and losing its personality.

Congress was once populated by essentially nutritive elements contributing to the balanced growth of the people ingesting what they once knew was good and nutritious for them. Now we have a sewer inhabited by self-serving turds spreading their sepsis virulently. The nation sickens.

It’s difficult to say something you’ve already said so many times. It suffers the danger of coming off as trite and without value. I don’t want my thinking, or yours, to be seen as without value because WE are America; not the government.

We have a value greater than we’ve been allowed to show lately. The big problem is Congress and the higher echelons of government have NO FEAR of the people put them in power. They’ve never suffered the righteous anger of a Robespierre driven uprising screaming for liberty, equality and fraternity as they storm the symbols and residences of the people doing them wrong. Government from the beginning of this nation worked behind the scenes to assure government ruled the people and not the other way around.

Thomas Jefferson said: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. Where some reactionary and stupid journalistic pundits and night-crawling slugs may see this as so much right-wing jingoism looking to stir up antagonistic flag-waving I must admit they’re not far wrong. I want more iron in allegedly red-blooded Americans wanting to strip government of its reins on OUR destiny. I want more steel in the backbones of those Americans standing against petty bureaucrats believing themselves more important than the citizens they hold sway over daily.

I want my country back!

That refreshing fertilizing of the Tree of Liberty can be metaphorical and conducted through the natural route of elections casting out those who abuse their power. Or; it can continue simmering until a few people, steely in their resolve to no longer be mistreated legislatively by an elite constabulary of self-aggrandizing clots, take matters into their own hands and insurrection breaks out.

Always remember: there are only 545 individuals among a total populace of over 300 million controls the conduct of business at the highest levels of American government.

It might behoove the government to recognize one battalion of disgruntled, militarily trained, combat- tested veterans and legally armed citizens could easily overpower this government.

Imagine what it would look like if 100 million marched on Washington, not when the scabs are recessed and at home hiding from their responsibilities, but when they’re all in session and can’t weasel out of the dilemma.

As Mr. Spock would say: “Fascinating.”

Thanks for listening

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