SARGE: Mutt Muffins

I was talking to Festus across the backyard fence this morning as he poured water onto Rascal, his three year old Irish Setter. Rascal’s a great dog, fine family tree, excellent conformity to AKC standards and a dog displaying a champion’s bearing while in the show ring. He’s not too bright however.

Festus was pouring water on Rascal because the dog hiked his leg on a stand pipe and froze in position, one leg raised and leaving him in a tri-pedal posture exposing his “family jewels” to the ravages of a north wind sure to make him exceptionally virile in the future. The sad look on the dog’s face was humbling. He knew what he’d done was normal under most circumstances but he just couldn’t figure out why he was suffering the indignity of his position and the consequences of his actions. The situation was clearly not easily understood by such a magnificent animal assured by AKC “judges” he was a champion, when in fact his performance in the real world was so badly challenged as to endanger him in his most cherished of activities; sticking it to an adoring minority understanding nothing of the real world outside their specialty.

Obama, like Rascal, is accustomed to executing an act of aggression against the Congress, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the American people without suffering any consequences. Much like Rascal, he’s accustomed to showering his abuses and marking his territory with impunity. Nobody successfully challenges him because officials like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi judge his efforts acceptable under the rules of the political party they control. They favor stupid, incompetent and dysfunctional empty-suits in high elected office and sneer at the people they see as mongrels in the streets (that’d be us folks). Those people elected to stand in opposition to this “setter” are no better than the Chief Judge and his Mistress because they covet the “Top Dog” positions Reid and Pelosi hold.

One of the things you see around the confines of a Dog Show is the proliferation of doggie doo-doo left behind for somebody to clean up. This today is deposited by Democrats and left behind for the Republicans (various other purebreds) to clean up and dispose of later. But now the Republicans have taken to leaving the mess behind and expecting the Tea Parties (they see as bothersome mongrels) to gather the mess and dispose of it while the Republicans try gaining praise for presenting a cleaner, brighter alternative to the Democrat’s crap.

Let’s face facts folks: Dog crap is dog crap no matter the pedigree drops it on the ground for you to step in later and track homeward. It ALL stinks no matter what “champion” left it behind. And the nastiness lingers no matter how hard you try covering it with de-scenting and cleaning agents.

To some Obama is “Rascal the Magnificent”. He stands, trots around the ring with his handlers and appears quite beautiful with his flowing coat and steady gaze into God knows what thinking. But, take him into the real world and he runs into hydrants, gets lost in the field he’s allegedly stalking for prey and is distracted by butterflies fluttering across his gaze. Rascal sought to mark his territory and got stuck on it so badly he looked like statuary frozen in time.

This again is equatable to Obama. In his State of the Union Address (SOTU) he repeated the stale list of wannabee accomplishments his administration has suggested are reality. We’re beating China. (Yes if you consider we’re beating them at debt acquisition and deficit spending while reducing energy production and manufacturing capability.) Not so much if you consider military assets and strengths.

Domestic energy production is burgeoning. (Really? After the homicide he committed upon the Coal Industry through his usage of EPA regulations and the demonization of an entire industry in order to pander to relatively useless [in the sense of mass job development] alternative energy sources like solar and wind proving detrimental to wildlife and commercial interests too incompetent to remain in business? I allude to companies like Solyndra ($535 million loss), SunPower ($1.2 Billion loss), Fisker Automotive ($529 million loss) and Nordic Windpower ($16million loss) where Obama bet your money his cronies could make a killing in the world market. It was a killing alright; the economy’s been dying since the guy took over.

So the SOTU has been delivered like a bag of fresh AKC endorsed mutt muffins dropped on your doorstep. It remains to be seen if (after they set fire to it) you’ll obediently try stomping out the flames or if you’ll kick it to the curb and stop this idiocy.

Rascal was rescued and skulked away with his head hung low and his dignity in tatters. It only remains to be seen if he’ll learn from the lesson or if he’ll be stuck again at the end of the day.

Thanks for listening.

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