SARGE: Obama’s A Squib Load

Upon taking a look at the Affordable Care Act debacle presently sweeping across the land and affecting everybody needing insurance coverage and abusing every taxpayer, it must be admitted the chief administrator of this is a proven idiot: and I don’t mean in the savant sense. Now we’re in danger of having to subsidize insurance companies so they participate in the program.

Obama is proven to have NO expertise in business. It’s doubtful he understands finance, insurance, macro or micro-economics or so much as how to balance a personal checkbook. Look at the state of the American Economy and see his incompetence. (And I don’t want to hear any more of this crap about “George W. Bush’s fault.”)

This is a matter of accepting facts and responsibility, two requisites of leadership this squib doesn’t understand. A squib is a firearms “misfire” when a primer in the base of the cartridge (though looking normal and capable of igniting the powder charge, in reality there’s something wrong) fails to ignite under the pressure of the firing pin. You get an under-powered “pop” instead of a functional gas-expulsive report propelling the bullet toward the target.

Obama is the political equivalent of a squib load; he’s incapable of delivering the goods.

The man’s got nothing but excuses. “It’s Bush’s fault.” “I inherited a deficit”. Every President inherits a deficit because Congress outright REFUSES to adopt legislation requiring we have a balanced budget annually. Therefore the next excuse escapes the clown’s fetid, lie stocked pie-hole: “It’s a do-nothing Congress’ fault. They won’t compromise.”

How can anybody compromise when the spirit of negotiations is tainted by the chief executive’s preamble directing the participants to understand it’s either his way or no way?

To him, this is leadership: “shut-up and do it because: a.) I’m the first black president and I’ll scourge you with the cat o’ nine tails of racism; b.) I’m a megalomaniacal half-caste demanding dominance over this kitty litter box we call Congress who’ll harangue the unwashed masses riled up by Marxist union provocateurs with their own agendas, or c.) you just have to do it because I appeal to more strident minorities I’ll give your assets to or I’ll scourge you with the cat o’ nine tails of racism again”.

Competence indicates a person’s fitness for a job. It indicates the individual carries some proficiency with the tools in his repertoire so he/she may get the job done. It requires the ability to attract loyal and proficient people. They shouldn’t be simply loyal to him but to the American people they’ll serve. The specific competence should also cover an ability to bring people together; not to divide them according to class and lifestyle; to societal standing or income. There should be competence in uniting rather than destroying and fundamentally changing the foundation simply to erect a façade making the incumbent look better for its historical photograph.

Obama has NO experience in these areas. He has NO proven track record for success. It’s all been smoke and mirrors. It’s been more statement of expertise than the realization of it. It’s all been a sham; a squib, a pop with no propulsion because he doesn’t want success for America, he wants success for himself.

And, he is succeeding in “fundamentally changing” America. We’re fast becoming second rate in foreign policy. We’re becoming fiscally and financially insolvent with Trillion dollars in debts and deficits on the world-scene. We’re becoming morally bankrupt and acceptant of selfish drives for our own comfort at the detriment of our future. We allow the killing of millions of undelivered and unborn children so we may continue pursuing our selfish pleasures rather than continue the human race successfully.

We pass on our egocentrism and personal greed unto those who may have the ability to advance our society and human race but are influenced by their elders’ self-gratifying rather than nourishing their young. Formerly parents were charged with their children’s moral and ethical education. Now we have idiots like Melissa Harris-Perry (an Obama sycophant and black racist) pontificating that not only does it take a village to raise your children those children “belong” to the village.

Most people find a squib to be a minimal distraction while on the firing range. But in a gunfight a squib can be a deadly disruption of your survival program. America is in a running gun battle with terrorists here and abroad and our economic survival is in jeopardy and under assault as well. Obama’s the squib keeping us from fighting our battles efficiently and positively.

Thanks for listening.

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