SARGE: An Open Letter To Obama

Mr. Obama,

I address this letter to you concerning your recent statements pertaining to your belief Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are responsible for your being viewed as a caricature. Also it’s your statement you are being prevented from engaging with the rank and file Republicans and conservatives.

I would like to disabuse you of those thoughts and beliefs. First let me address your belief we see you as a caricature.

A caricature (according to The Free Dictionary by Farlex) is a pictorial, written, or acted representation of a person, which exaggerates his characteristic traits for comic effect. It could also be described as a ludicrously inadequate or inaccurate imitation such as: he is a caricature of a statesman. In this sense and understanding of the word you can see you’re NOT viewed as being a caricature. You’re seen as being a JOKE: something said or done to evoke laughter or amusement, especially an amusing story with a punch lineIt can further be understood (in the same reference) a mischievous trick; a prank and informally as something not to be taken seriously; a triviality or as an object of amusement or laughter; a laughingstock.

You feel Limbaugh, Fox News and the TEA PARTY by association are responsible for your inability to “penetrate the Republican base” with your message. The reason your message can’t penetrate the Republican base is the same reason the Republican base cannot penetrate your thick skull with its explanation of issues you find antithetical to your Marxist leanings.

Neither the Republican base nor you have anything the other wants. Republicans and Conservatives want responsible, smaller government. You want bigger government and greater control over the people through that bigger government. You want higher taxes. Conservative members of the “Middle Class” are already paying for the lion’s share of taxes used to subsidize people NOT working or contributing to the tax base. The wealthy people you so regularly attack, even though you and your wife are among the ranks of this same group, pay substantially less tax because the politico’s stupid, self-serving tax laws allow them incredible numbers of deductions unavailable to the middle class.

Industry at least creates jobs for people to earn a living wage from the money earned by the companies. You liberal politicians add nothing to the program and in fact are anti-industry. You continually add restrictive, onerous and burdensome regulations cleaving profits to the bone and making it nearly impossible to expand business and employ more people by reinvestment of already slim profits.

Nobody is trying to demonize you. You’re simply too stupid to recognize your policies, goals and ambitions are against the goals and ambitions of the very people you claim to want to attract with negative stereotypes concerning racism and your refusal to negotiate. From you, all we hear is that it’s your away or the highway or you have no problem using Executive Orders to enact regulations, restrictive guidelines and protocols violating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. YOU can mollify your overblown ego and continue the allusion you know what you’re doing.

That allusion is an ILLUSION. You have continually shown you know nothing about statesmanship, diplomacy and negotiation neither in the Congressional political sense nor on the World Stage. Your inabilities are based in your incompetence. While it appears the presidency is a job allowing a political novitiate to simply “hire the people to do that” you are living proof that’s not true. You have NO management skills. You merely bully people. You had NO productive history in government before your election to the United States Senate. You showed no particular acumen for the development, authorship or sponsorship of legislation of any value.

You’re just a major conman with a smooth delivery and a polished look: Elmer Gantry with minority backing. You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing continually trying to fleece the public he says wants him. But you can’t produce the figures proving anybody with a conservative political bent has any wish to ally with you.

You create more problems than you solve no matter what you say. Boehner has shot his wad by regularly capitulating to your wishes on your terms. His political stock with conservatives diminishes daily.

In closing sir, I’d like to assure you it’s not Limbaugh, Fox News nor the Tea Party alienating you from the people you claim to want to penetrate. It’s because you and yours have forcibly penetrated those same voters so many times they won’t open the door to let you in.

You did this you fool. Now shut-up and deal with it!

Thanks for listening.

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