SARGE: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Governor Chris Christie will address an issue of power misuse within his administration. Some of his people used their administrative power to constrict the traffic flow on the George Washington Bridge. This was a ”political payback” against the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey for the mayor’s NOT endorsing Christie.

In the overall scheme of things (no pun intended) it’s not a big deal; except for the fact Christie denied his people’s responsibility for endangering the public. They endangered at least one person being transported to hospital, via ambulance for a medical emergency, when the lanes were restricted to a minimum at rush hour in September.

The George Washington Bridge directs traffic to and from New York with 14 lanes open, handling 300 thousand cars a day; that’s over 108 Million cars per year! Some immature, frat-kid suck-up took it to be his/her authority to restrict traffic to a population because their mayor didn’t endorse Christie for reelection.

Christie’s people have a class act don’t they?

Now, Christie’s said; “I am outraged and deeply saddened to learn that not only was I misled by a member of my staff, but this completely inappropriate and unsanctioned conduct was made without my knowledge.” He initially said the problem was a result of a poorly handled traffic study.

Government is a large, cumbersome juggernaut noted for its left hand never knowing for sure what the right hand is doing. Allies (cronies) are rewarded for their loyalty by gaining jobs granting them authority over the lives and welfare of a citizenry. From the guy scooping dog poop in a public park to the president, there’s an unbroken responsibility for performance, or in this case political chicanery, at every given moment. The top guy is responsible for what his people do. The top guy gets the glory and should get accept blame for what performance is recognized; good or bad (unlike Obama).

Nobody ever says: “if you commit a criminal act, I’ll hang you like anybody else”. Instead, the incumbent closes his ranks and stands firm in denial. Christie spoke from lies told him under the guise of “plausible deniability”. In this instance it’s failed. The key word is the act must be “plausible”. Nobody swallowed this garbage from the “get-go”.

Christie must make some heads roll back to the gutter he pulled them from. This all points to where the slack is in any governmental chain of command. Instead of government micro-managing the conduct of its citizenry, it needs to establish accountability and responsibility for governmental employees’ acts and stay out of the people’s personal business and industry.

Christie will pay the price for his employee’s actions. He deserves to. It was a breath of fresh air to see him at the genesis of his political movement, where he challenged the entitlement culture of public employees expecting special considerations simply because they organized into extortionist unions holding the public’s welfare by the throat. I admit I appreciated the fact he was overt. He stepped forward and hit organized labor’s pretensions and stood firmly in front of their parrots vomiting the feed they were assigned to regurgitate. It was refreshing and novel. Now it’s time to see if he really walks the walk of conservative responsibility, or if he’s really a progressive wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Christie’s shown he’ll accept certain progressive issues and compromise. His shadow now creeps more toward the covert element of his beliefs as opposed to his projected politically volatile exposition. He wants to be seen as a great, unifying element in national politics. And anybody says he has no designs on the presidency is either stupid or thinks we are.

Will we accept any candidate based on his press releases as we did with Obama; or will we look at the job performance of the candidate and inspect his or her qualifications to lead this nation? To this point, because of Madison Avenue marketing techniques, we keep getting blow-dried mannequins looking for the most advantageous side of a polyhedron juggernaut to attack the other sides from and not get squashed when the political structure rolls.

We’ve seen Obama exerts no control over the people he employs to meddle continually in the removal of American citizens’ right and constitutional protections. He micro-meddles in everything outside his administration and does nothing to control its operatives.

It looks like Christie (and others like him) may be no better. That’s unfortunate because we need people to challenge the status quo, not knuckle under to it because they don’t supervise their employees.

Thanks for listening.

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