Here’s A Funny Picture For Y’all…

By now you people prolly know who John Delgado is, right? He’s that cat on the Baton Rouge Metro Council who’s doin’ all the dirty deeds about the St. George stuff. MacAoidh won’t leave him alone too much – he’s like our own personal Sandusky The Parking Comissioner.

Oh, wait – are we talkin’ about parking? Riiight, we are. Which is good. Because we got this today…

That’s red paint right there.

Y’all know what red paint on the curb is, huh?

Fire lane.

Place could catch on fire and burn all the way to the ground because Mr. Personalized License Plate here had to find himself a convenient parkin’ space.

There’s your politicians for you.

Anyhow, the Red Stick Now people had that pic and they put it up on Facebook. So MacAoidh put it up on his, and called Sandusky…er, Delgado, a “traffic scofflaw.”

And this was the result…

delgado threat


I guess I’m gonna have to learn how to do all the stuff the guy who runs this site does. Just in case. Because the first time there was a Sandusky who got a buncha grief he went an’ shot up a bar the grief-giver was at and plugged Glenn Close in the leg by mistake.

And MacAoidh’s already just got threatened, apparently. Y’all keep a sharp lookout.



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