SARGE: It’s Sickening

Amnesty (from the Greek  amnestia is defined as: “A pardon extended by the government to a group or class of persons, usually for a political offense; the act of a sovereign power officially forgiving certain classes of persons who are subject to trial but have not yet been convicted.” It includes more than pardon, in as much as it obliterates all legal remembrance of the offense. Amnesty is more and more used to express ‘freedom’ and the time when prisoners can go free. (Wikipedia  2014)

Have you ever watched a little kid near a mud puddle? It’s like you can almost hear the gears grinding while debating whether it’s a good idea to jump into the mess or not. Then, after due diligence, the kid throws caution to the wind, squats a little and jumps feet first, splashing the water and sharing the mud with everybody and everything in the area.

To me, John Boehner is the little kid looking to share the mud with Obama. Until this point Boehner was gauging the personal costs he’d suffer if he really, really gave it his best shot and got fully involved in this messy part of politics. To date it’s been a carefully measured program involving his tiptoeing around issues and carefully placing each foot in just the right place to assure he’d suffer the least in any engagement against Obama and the other Democrats. If Boehner was any more sedentary he’d be mistaken for a statue. And in light of the regular assault he suffers from the other birds in the barnyard and the evidence of the chicken and pigeon droppings layering on his tailored suits; I’d say it’s refreshing to hear him say he doesn’t think “Immigration Reform” will pass.

Obama apparently had it impressed upon him he’s a lame duck. So; he’s assured the American people they no longer have a voice in government. His thought? We shouldn’t worry. He’s got it under control. Between power-punching (or speed-dialing) every Washington based stooge and low-intelligence voter organizer and his ability to enact “Executive Orders” with a swipe of his mighty pen: we have no need to continue the charade of having government composed of a legislature, a judiciary and an executive branch representative of America’s citizens.

Now, Boehner has all but called Obama a liar (something we have NO difficulty plainly stating). But, Boehner has rules and a specific decorum to follow. He could be censured if he fails to follow the acceptable protocols. In addition to all of this hoi-polloi bull squirt assuring we keep everything civilized and maintain the correct posture placing each other’s butts in a position where they can be best kissed, we’re witness the insincere tactical development while knowing fully and well it’s all for show.

Nothing is accomplished and it’s not accomplished with a great sense of flair and style. Everybody looks so serious. It could be said their look is uncomfortable. To my observation they all look constipated. In light of their inability to pass substantive legislation benefitting anybody but them, I’d say they’ve spread their contagion through the legislature.

Boehner says he doesn’t think Obama will enforce new immigration pertinent reform offered. And, in light of Stonewall Reid and his most staunch ally Nancy “The Brick Wall” Pelosi’s refusal to work with anybody not having a ‘D’ after their name, we must agree. In Washingtonian code; “Immigration Reform” equals “Amnesty” and that means stuffing ballot boxes with newly developed “citizens”.

Why did Boehner allow us to believe he was in favor of passing “immigration reform” modifying extant policies when he had no real plan to do so?

The fact is: nobody in Washington really gives a damn. They want to look good while doing nothing other than cash government paychecks and campaign for reelection so as to close the vicious circle of scientific government. You know;>)! The secular theory where nothing becomes something, super-condenses, explodes and then spreads across the cosmos leading us to where we are today?

They figure if they keep saying it long enough, enough people will believe it and it’ll become fact in the end.

Kinda sick don’t you think?

Thanks for listening.

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