SARGE: National Insecurity

The NSA (National Security Agency) says it’ll continue skulking around our internet accesses and entries whether we like it or not. And, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) says it really has no nefarious intent behind its desire to enter news rooms across the nation. It merely wants to know: What is the news philosophy of the station?

How do you define critical information the community needs?

  • How much influence do reporters and anchors have in deciding which stories to cover?
  • (To reporters) Have you ever suggested coverage of what you consider a story with critical information for your customers (viewers, listeners, readers) that was rejected by management?

That’s all?


Shoot! I was afraid they’d mess with the comics. Now that would create commentary on the Op-Ed page of newspapers. But, understanding what I’ve seen and experienced concerning the way and manner the selection process was run in the Mainstream Media to date; I don’t understand the fuss. There might be a little journalistic integrity in the backbone of the operation but I perceive a dearth of that virtue in so many pundits and news readers (it’s so damned hard to call them journalists) and the fact the government already said they’ll continue gathering information on American citizens. I question the integrity of the statement concerning their NOT continuing the study.

Do they think because they said the FCC won’t continue this intrusive, skulking and deliberate effort to determine the enemies of the state and corral them before they can publicize the administration’s efforts won’t be handed off to the NSA? They’re so stupid they believe we won’t see through this? The simplest way to get around the controversy is to find some liberal hack PhD who’ll accept the millions of grant dollars to be offered under the guise of “research”. He’ll send students into the news rooms and gather the same data. Then they’ll transmit the “covertly” (wink-wink) gathered data to the NSA and VOILA! The FCC can honestly say they did no wrong and the NSA will neither confirm nor deny the existence of such data because of the need to protect national security.

I just wish they’d understand and accept the fact they’re continually creating a sense of National Insecurity. Progressive politics (presently embodied in the person of Beaurat Obama and Congress on both sides of the aisle) has insidiously infiltrated itself into the depths of the American psyche. They started way-back in the 1850s when Marx spouted his drivel and Americans became influenced by socialist provocateurs seeking to fundamentally change America. It came under the guise of protecting the workers. They did some good with stopping child-labor and sweat-shops. But then they started going after the disaffected and the malcontents to secularize and demonize the participation of the conservative religious elements of society. Socialists developed a new set of commandments and constantly beat at the walls protecting God’s Ten Commandments. They caused people to accept the idea the individual’s rights were defined by the state and not the natural laws as handed down by God. Progressives displace God’s eminence and transplant it in the shadow of the all-knowing state.

Progressive politics has assaulted the Constitution and Bill of Rights most seriously since Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Government is corrupted by its own peculiar form of inbreeding. Only the wealthy can participate at the highest levels and only the politically connected can direct the process of government. They venerate educational theory over practical learning.

The Internal Revenue Service’s corrupted; the “enforcer” for government. With this political interference directed from the top; it’s terrible. When low level hacks (like local office managers) can vindictively audit individuals and administrative policy directs low-level minions’ interference with opposition elements seeking protections offered under law: you create fear in the populace. When any administration, from Nixon through Obama, uses the power and might of the government to intimidate the people, we have a problem deserving of our rising up to challenge any government no longer representing the people’s will.

We can fight outside elements trying to destroy us. We must now fight the cancer we fear and is known as the unrestrained government.

Thanks for listening.

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