SARGE: Planned Obsolescence

In order to keep myself aware of ALL that’s happening, I visit different sites on the web. One “headline” caught my eye: “So Long, Stainless: Whirlpool® Introduces a New Finish For Premium Kitchens!”

So long Stainless? What’s that mean; so long, stainless? Will U.S. Steel and other manufacturers stop making stainless steel? How was this sensible?

It seems Whirlpool® designed their new appliances with a finish called “White Ice”. It’s white and glossy and slick looking according to the advertisement. I approximate its dazzle factor to be reminiscent of most Congressmen; pale and with a luster that’s unappealing but carrying that appearance of being cosmetically unattractive at no extra cost. (Think Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid without makeup: liver spots, warts and all.) And it’s alleged to be a better more easily maintained surface shedding smudges and the nastiness of infantile fingerprints and smeared goop resident on most kitchen surfaces. Hooray! A different surface to leave a film on because Mr. Kleen-surface will probably dry leaving a foggy film requiring hours of hand-rubbing and polishing because the “no-film” product sold by the same company costs as much as a visit to have your prostate probed.

The reason I mention this is because we’re watching rats desert the ship daily. More and more Congressmen and Senators are announcing they’re not running for re-election. Both parties are losing “experienced” members due to the ravages of health, welfare (they haven’t been indicted; yet) and some, because they’re fed–up with the system. Others aren’t so much “fed-up” as engorged, like ticks, after sucking their constituents dry while offering a system of government sure to produce more blood-suckers than not.

As I read I understood the reason for the “article”. It wasn’t a review as much as it gave a “heads-up” a new product was offered; and in the subtext, hidden in the praise was a statement you wouldn’t catch unless you understand advertising: they give you a taste of the goodies to come and misdirect you from the dangers they don’t want you to understand.

These new suckers are going to cost more. (I know. No spit (sic) Sherlock!)

But, on the Internet there’s a new marvel counterbalancing the efforts of the Madmen© working diligently to slather lipstick on a pig and make you want more bacon. It doesn’t matter your arteries will clog and heart disease will kill you, pucker up and swap spit with porky. That’s the job: conceal, promote and sell pre-planned obsolescence.

But, I digress. That new marvel working for the modern man and woman is: the COMMENTS SECTION! I read a scathing series of observations placed in record for us to read and better understand just what in heck is really happening.

The company says: “the surface is better!” The commenter says: “no it ain’t. It’s more expensive.” The company says: “it’s easier to clean!” Commenter replies: “dirt’s dirt, they all clean the same.” Company statement: “but, it’s labor saving because it’s got computer driven “whack-doodles and gimcracks”!’ Commenter wryly observes: “whack-doodles and gimcracks” are cheaply made and break more frequently. Give me the bullet-proof condenser made my mother’s 1947 ice-box last until two-weeks ago.”

The reason I approximate the new and improved product offered to Congress is because we’re being set-up for another round of planned obsolescence will make living in America a trial. Jerks like Reid, Pelosi, McConnell, Boehner et al aren’t the ones being replaced with newer models. These worthless drones will remain in place to maintain a level of quality control reminiscent of the Yugo, that paragon of Yugoslavian automotive excellence. It became known forever more as what NOT to produce and ship all over the world. It assured the world understood exactly what poor quality is, accomplishes and costs. The gear-shift lever came off in my hand one day. Needless to say, the car went nowhere after that, much like America in international and national politics today.

The American Congress is recognizable as the equivalent of the Yugo. And we’ll be stuck with a group of slackers proven obsolete before they get started because of the way they’ll be put together.

New and improved my butt!

Thanks for listening.

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