Low Popahirum, National Edition (2-14-14)

President Obama predicted that Congress would pass an immigration reform bill before the end of his presidency in a Univision Radio interview airing Friday.” – The Hill

“In a broken society, there are a limited range of options between the fascist government and the feudal cartel, between the gangs and the cops with their repurposed military gear, between the state and a state of lawlessness. And it’s the immigrants from failed states who are the eagerest to embrace government as a hedge against the night. It doesn’t mean that they trust it. It means that they distrust everything and everyone else.” – Daniel Greenfield/Sultan Knish

What should conservatives do next about the Orwellian intimidation of political opponents using the IRS? Here is a partial action plan.” – American Thinker

“Three of the four Kentucky polls taken so far this year have come from left- or right-leaning pollsters but the topline numbers have been roughly consistent. Two have McConnell up by one, one has the race a dead heat, and the fourth has Grimes up by four. Today’s data, as Davis notes, may be overstating McConnell’s support, if anything. Survey USA had his favorable rating at 27/50, which makes sense given that the entirety of the left and now a sizable chunk of the right consider him an enemy. Wenzel Strategies, the pollster behind this morning’s data, has his favorables at 50/47, which makes … less sense. This race may become for the GOP establishment what Wendy Davis’s race is for abortion warriors — an exceedingly challenging cause celebre that sucks money away from more winnable races.” – Hot Air

Gay rights activists cannot leave people alone. They do not like that the Bible, the Quran, and most religions treat homosexuality as a sin or deviance. They do not care that people want to faithfully adhere to their religion. They do not care that orthodox Christians and Muslims, adhering to their faith, are not to collaborate in the commission of sin.” – Erick Erickson/RedState

“At least every week now, there is a new story supporting the narrative of an inevitable 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential bid. Indeed, the conventional wisdom is that it is an absolute certainty that she will run. If anyone is currently saying, flat out, that Hillary isn’t running, I haven’t come across them. Is the inevitability of her run really as certain as the conventional wisdom suggests, and further, is it unfolding in an optimal manner for the potential candidate?” – National Journal

“Vice President Joe Biden told fellow Democrats they should be optimistic about the state of the nation, ‘in spite of who’s president.’” – CNS News

“‘We had this CBO report that predicted that the workforce would shrink as a result of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as people chose to cut back on their working hours so they qualify for healthcare assistance. What was your reaction to this? Is that a devastating effect of Obamacare?’ the interviewer asked her. Sink cheerily responded: ‘Oh absolutely not…Actually it’s kind of an exciting prospect.’” – Washington Free Beacon

“If American history teaches anything, it is that the warning to be ‘careful what you wish for‘ is one of the nation’s hard truths.” – Jeffrey Lord/American Spectator

“President Barack Obama will ask Congress to set up a $1 billion ‘Climate Resilience Fund‘ in his proposed budget next month.” – POLITICO

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