SARGE: Shadow Avoidance

Legislators are giving the legalization of marijuana a great push. And, in its own way it’s rather funny because the legislators have been acting like they’ve been “tokin’ on the river” for years. If they can get Miz Mary-Jane legalized they can get their foot in the door to legalize their Bolivian Marching Powder and the Music Man can start singing: “Well, ya got trouble, my friend, right here, I say, trouble right here in River City”. For those of you thinking I’m speaking solely about Louisiana; please be disabused of that thinking.

We use drugs to escape ourselves. They dull our perceptions of our troubles. In some instances they give a transitory sense of euphoria while damaging our brains and polluting our other human systems.

Since Galen started smashing herbs with a mortar and pestle the effects of specially concocted chemical compounds are recognized as subduing the symptoms and discomfort of illnesses. This is all good. But, the drug is meant to be administered by a person more knowledgeable about the effects and adverse reactions possible. I know of nobody who’s intelligent enough to self-medicate without courting disaster.

Proponents claim marijuana is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol. So; what idiot said drinking alcohol is good for you? By using the extrapolative thinking all legalization proponents espouse; alcoholism is okay (as a preliminary to accepting drug addiction), leading to overdose as an almost acceptable consequence before collapsing into respiratory and cardiac arrest and death. In this sense I’ve used the logic of the cause’s past masters: Timothy Leary, John Belushi, Corey Monteith, Lenny Bruce, Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, Chris Farley, Whitney Houston; and let’s NOT forget our countrified Olympian hero: Elvis Presley.

They all tried self-medication to distance themselves from celebrity’s pain (?)I have trouble understanding that pain. But, as I tick-off more and more people I believe I’ll assume that level of adulation and be allowed to excuse myself of all responsibility for my self-destructive actions.

I have an addiction-related problem and haven’t bothered with it for nearly 25 years. But that relapse possibility looms malignantly for anybody who’s in the blessed light of recovery. There’s always a shadow created by that light when it shines on the landmarks of our lives. And, it only takes a momentary lapse of judgment for a person to fall into those shadows again.

Understanding legislators are addicted to the support and adulation of the unwashed masses such as we are; they’ll gladly step to the podium and suggest we “de-criminalize” possessing drugs such as marijuana. That’s the first step: remove accountability for a person’s actions. Then, at a later time, it’ll become necessary to expand the list of “decriminalized” and thus “acceptable” drugs because WE are wrecking the futures of our children for making “simple mistakes” and “youthful transgressions”.

WE are wrecking people’s futures? WE are wrong to hold people responsible for THEIR actions? WE are wrong for wanting to deal with people who have their wits about them 24/7 and not only when they sober up?

I understand their arguments are self-serving and that’s the first step in understanding the problem: admitting there IS a problem. The problem is politicians catering to people having almost uncontrolled self-destructive ideations and excusing the BAD behavior because they say; “oh what the heck, we were all young once!”

And that ladies and gentlemen is the idea behind NOT legalizing ANY drugs found to alter the thought processes and consciousness of human beings. Human beings don’t understand intellect doesn’t equal SMARTS. INTELLECT is the ability to acquire knowledge. SMARTS indicate how well you use that knowledge for your and other’s benefit.

I’d suggest you think about this: Obama is known to have been a serial violator of federal drug laws by buying, distributing and using Marijuana to a point of near daily abuse, while a student. He was a leader of the “Choom Gang”, a teenaged group noted for regularly smoking dope. He was so proud of it he allowed photos.

Knowing this, and the direction he’s pushing this nation toward both nationally and internationally: How’s that working for you? Still want to legalize it?

Thanks for listening.

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