VIDEO: Jindal Goes And Picks A Fight At The White House

Following on his op-ed today about the 10 things President Obama could do with “his pen and his phone” that might actually grow the U.S. economy, the Governor took the opportunity of a quick press event outside the White House after a meeting of a bunch of governors with the president to poke Obama and anger a group of Democrat governors surrounding him at the microphone.

It was almost like a scene from Braveheart playing out in real life. Jindal told himself this…

…and then delivered this…

ABC Entertainment News|ABC Business News

The crabby Democrat following Jindal is Dan Malloy, the governor of Connecticut. And the smarmy Democrat following Jindal’s rebuttal was Martin O’Malley, the governor of Maryland. O’Malley is the one who, along with Jindal, has been mentioned as a potential 2016 presidential candidate. You can tell that because O’Malley doesn’t have to hold his toupee on his head when he’s talking to the media (if that’s not what Malloy is doing in that clip we’re not sure what he’s up to).

Was Jindal trying to start trouble? Of course he was. He waded into a crowd of Democrat governors and trashed their president. You can see then in the background; Malloy looks like he’s searching for something sharp to stick Jindal with while he’s talking. And then when Jindal is finished and Malloy repudiates what he’s saying, he goes back to the microphone and doubles down on his attacks on Obama.

But you’ll forgive us for being thoroughly disgusted by the racism here. Here are two rich old white guys denigrating and disrespecting a person of color for having an opinion. It’s just terrible that in this day and age we have to tolerate such a shocking spectacle.

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