Did You See The RT Host Resign On Air Yesterday?

Liz Wahl is an American who until this week worked for RT, the international news operation funded by the Russian government. In the aftermath of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, she had a fit of conscience that might be the best thing ever to appear on that network’s air…

RT stands for Russia Today, and if you’re getting your news from that operation you might consider stopping. It’s very much a propaganda arm of the Russian government and it traffics in some of the most egregious conspiracy theories and anti-American garbage there are.

Wahl couldn’t take it anymore after the invasion of the last week. Here’s her interview with Anderson Cooper yesterday right after the resignation…

When your American reporters start using words like “cognitive dissonance” in describing their experiences working at your network, it’s a problem.

Folks on the Right might be tempted to use RT as a source for reports that favor our arguments – to the tune that Obama is weak, that the American economy is mismanaged, and so forth – but this is a mistake.

The Russians see themselves as enemies of the United States. And RT is an attempt at a fifth column.

Two reporters at RT in the last week have recognized this and quit.

Larry King still works there, though.

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