Low Popahirum, National Edition (3-17-14)

“On Friday, the Department of Commerce announced that next year it would relinquish its last bit of control over domain names. The system will be replaced by a model of global Internet governance as yet to be determined by Icann. All those stakeholders are on their own now. ‘The Internet technical community is strong enough to continue its role,’ said Icann, ‘while assuming the stewardship function as it transitions from the US Government.’ In protesting that it is strong enough, Icann is revealing that it may not be.” – Bloomberg Businessweek

“As the March 31 Obamacare sign-up deadline nears, Planned Parenthood is going to bat for the White House, hosting more than 500 events in 18 cities to get Americans into the health insurance system.” – Washington Examiner

Why is this relevant to the energy community? Because Ukraine and a large part of Europe are heavily dependent on natural gas supplies from Russia, and most of the gas transits Ukraine bound for utilities and end-users in Eastern, Southern, Central, and even Western Europe. Some Russian gas goes through Belarus to the north, but 80% of Russian gas exports to the European Union move through the Ukrainian steppes, or plains, and a protracted conflict could disrupt gas supplies. It isn’t likely that other sources of gas could be found to meet Europe’s energy requirements in the short term.” – Oil & Gas Financial Journal

“Nothing profound there… but then I looked to see what other planes were in the air at 1815UTC and I looked to see exactly where they were positioned in the sky and where they were flying.   The picture started to develop when I discovered that another Boeing 777 was en-route from Singapore over the Andaman Sea.” – Keith Ledgerwood

Captian Shah was an ‘obsessive’ supporter of Ibrahim. And hours before the doomed flight left Kuala Lumpur it is understood 53-year-old Shah attended a controversial trial in which Ibrahim was jailed for five years.” – UK Daily Mail

President Barack Obama directly sanctioned 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials Monday, the latest escalation in the ongoing crisis in Crimea — and the president’s latest attempt to make good on his repeated threats of additional costs on Russians for the situation.” – POLITICO

Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to leave Ukraine and join Russia, election officials said Sunday, capping a heavy-handed campaign that blocked most voters from hearing a vision for any alternative to unification with Moscow. Crimean election Spokesman Mikhail Malyshev said the final result was 96.77 percent to rejoin Russia and 2.51 percent against.” – Washington Post

“Discussing President Carter’s foreign policy, he compliments the former President’s ‘Very tough stands on human rights.’ President Obama, however, he gives lower marks. In response to another tweeter, he writes that when it comes to the crisis in Ukraine, ‘so far, Carter looks like Churchill in comparison.’” – Time

“Speaking to the press early Saturday, Prime Minister Najib Razak said the investigation has refocused onto the crew and passengers aboard the missing plane. He added that despite growing evidence to suggest a possible hijacking or sabotage, all possibilities are still being investigated.” – CBS News

“If they follow the advice of those who say Democrats should double down and launch a full-throated defense of Obamacare, they lose independents. If they follow the advice of those who say Democrats should attack Obamacare, they despirit their base. And if they listen to those who argue they should walk the middle ground and talk about their plans to “fix” Obamacare — precisely the message that failed in Florida — they alienate everyone.” – Marc Thiessen/Washington Post

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