VIDEO: Jindal Tells Louisiana’s Economic Success Stories

As has been discussed here and elsewhere, this year’s legislative session doesn’t contain a loaded agenda from Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Other than some tort reform legislation, which is needed, and an emphasis on workforce development, he’s largely on the sidelines this year.

You could call the second-term Jindal a lame duck as a result. You could do that if you wanted.

But without having a major raft of ambitious legislative items to push, Jindal is in a congratulatory mode at present. And in his speech opening this year’s legislative session, he did just that.

Jindal opened the speech by summarizing a few of the major reforms Louisiana has undertaken while he’s been governor (school choice, charity hospitals, making the state more business-friendly) and then offering up something his detractors will without a doubt howl about – namely that Louisiana currently has more people working than ever before, more citizens than ever before and higher wages than ever before.

And then he moved on to tell some stories that regardless of your opinion of Jindal should warm your heart – stories of Louisianans returning home to find good jobs, and folks moving to Louisiana to take advantage of a better economic environment here than they can find elsewhere.

It’s fun to watch…

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