Quin Hillyer’s First Advocate Column Drives Lefties Insane

It’s been a long time since the Baton Rouge Advocate brought on a legitimate conservative as a columnist, so when our buddy Quin Hillyer made his debut yesterday it was a moment of significance.

And Hillyer didn’t disappoint – if you’re a conservative, that is. By the reaction, some of the folks who lean more leftward in their politics were less sanguine about his offerings.

Hillyer’s column was well-poised to infuriate the Left. It was a defense of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s performance at the White House driveway a couple of weeks ago, when the Governor laid into Barack Obama’s failure to do things that would jump-start the U.S. economy – and specifically an answer to those who castigated Jindal for his supposed lack of couth in making a “partisan” statement among a bi-partisan group of governors.

It was rather amusing to see so many of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s home-state critics, including Advocate editorialists, get the vapors recently when Jindal dared criticize President Barack Obama while standing on the very grounds of the White House. Jindal’s “bad manners” and “questionable judgment” merited a “time out,” according to various professional tut-tutters.


Louisianians who know the background between Jindal and Obama instead should be cheering. This is a president who for five years has seriously mistreated both Louisiana and Jindal personally, not to mention mistreating the nation’s economy and the rule of law.

Hillyer went through a litany of the abuses Obama has heaped on Louisiana, and by extension Jindal as Louisiana’s governor, including the botched response to the BP oil spill and the subsequent hijinks surrounding the Obamoratorium, his cover-up of prosecutorial misconduct in the Danziger Bridge police trial and Eric Holder’s lawsuit against Louisiana’s school voucher program.

When not only courtesy but a state’s laws and economy are violated, little courtesy is due in return.

Hillyer then defended the substance of Jindal’s criticisms of Obama, on the Keystone XL pipeline, the EPA’s abuses, the president’s unconstitutional actions courtesy of his “phone and pen” and his failure to do easy things that would get the economy going.

It was a column designed to get blood pumping on both sides. Little surprise, then, to see some rather unhinged reactions…

hillyer comments 1


Not sure what “roaching up” means, but it’s probably not good.

The Keystone XL pipeline comments got a lot of attention…

hillyer comments 2



hillyer comments 3


Nobody has apparently gotten through to these people with news about how oil traveling on trains and barges tends to spill more often than in pipelines. They certainly aren’t aware that tar sands oil is largely intended to replace the current supply of Venezuelan oil at several refineries along the Gulf Coast; the two products are of similar grade.

Those things aren’t particularly important, though. Not if you’re busy with the h8.


hillyer comments 4


This guy Morgan sure is full of P&V, isn’t he?

Speaking of, some of our readers – particularly those in Hammond who read the local paper there – will know who Dayne Sherman is. He writes columns for the Hammond Star and they tend to be uncomplimentary of Jindal.

Sherman weighed in yesterday as well…

hillyer comments 5


And then there was this…

hillyer comments 6


And finally, this from a former East Baton Rouge school board member – who, shockingly, didn’t like Jindal’s voucher program…

hillyer comments 7


There were lots more, and they indicate the lefty reactions to Hillyer’s once-a-week columns are likely to be red-hot from here on out.

But the Advocate’s got themselves a columnist who will stir things up. Time will tell if their readers – or their editors – can handle him.

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