Low Popahirum, National Edition (4-15-14)

“The Democrat may no longer believe in God, the Constitution or even motherhood and apple pie, but he devoutly believes with all the faith of a 9/11 Truther in the impermeability of steel and of a Neo-Nazi in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion that somewhere out there Republicans are sitting in a sealed room and plotting to bring back the 50s.” – Sultan Knish

“Common Core may have started off with very good intentions. But in an age when politicians fixate on what the soccer mom, the Walmart mom, or mom in general think — they’ve pissed off mama because she can’t help her kid at night with math anymore. And if mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy.” – Erick Erickson/RedState

“At least it appears the U.S. administration has few illusions left about Russia’s further designs on Ukraine, from which Vladimir Putin last month swiped Crimea. On Sunday, as Russia pressed ahead with a similar script in eastern Ukraine, the State Department put out a cascade of statements detailing Russia’s campaign of causing bloody trouble in order to justify intervention.” – PJ Media

Russia’s military carried out a flight test of a new multi-warhead intercontinental ballistic missile on Monday amid growing tensions with the United States over the crisis in Ukraine.” – Washington Free Beacon

“This past weekend things got interesting in the Black Sea as two Russian fighter/bombers gave the USS Donald Cook an up close and personal airshow.” – Ace Of Spades

“If the 77 percent statistic were for real, employers would be paying 30 percent more than they had to every time they hired a man to do a job that a woman could do just as well. Would employers be such fools with their own money? If you think employers don’t care about paying 30 percent more than they have to, just go ask your boss for a 30 percent raise!” – Thomas Sowell/National Review

“Glenn spent a large portion of this morning’s radio program discussing the standoff in Nevada between the federal government and the Bundy family. Glenn advocated for a peaceful resolution to this tense situation.” – GlennBeck.com

The bedrock issue here is that the federal government owns more than 80% of the state of Nevada. This is true across the western states. To an astonishing degree, those states lack sovereignty over their own territory. Most of the land is federal. And the federal agencies that rule over federal lands have agendas. At every opportunity, it seems, they restrict not only what can be done on federal lands, but on privately-owned property. They are hostile to traditional industries like logging, mining and ranching, and if you have a puddle in your back yard, the EPA will try to regulate it as a navigable waterway.” – Power Line

“On Monday’s ‘Special Report’ on the Fox News Channel, network senior political analyst Brit Hume dismissed the idea that Republicans wouldn’t have the stomach to repeal ObamaCare.” – Breitbart

“Republicans are famously divided on immigration reform, but Democrats pretty much unanimously support it. There’s a reason for that.” – Washington Examiner

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