SARGE: A Man For No Seasons

John Kerry, a man for no seasons, has slid to a reality Global Warming is occasionally endured because political seasons change and not because of some nefarious right-wing conspiracy. Kerry is Secretary of State. He’s not very good at the job. He’s certainly no better at this job than he was at being a United States Senator. He is good at politics which doesn’t require you be good at the job; merely that you appear to be good at the job.

The seasonal change is recognizable as the world frosts over from his latest gaffe.

Saying John Kerry is a statesman is akin to saying a donkey is a thoroughbred. The appearance from a distance, and through the haze and fog of political-speak and double talk causes people to accept what they’re told as gospel. Well, now they say there’s a gospel according to Judas and that upsets some people. As Kerry degraded and spoke badly of his fellows after leaving Vietnam, he’s showing his incompetence and lack of skills he has for the job and doesn’t need anybody to “Swift-boat” him. He’s shot himself in the foot again and the bullet’s traveled through the hull of our ship of state.

“Old Johnny Boy” said if Israel doesn’t agree to make peace soon, it could become “an apartheid state”. You know; like the South Africa once was. Jewish leaders are smoking hot over the comparison to a national policy found to be reprehensible by most of the free world. But, such is the world-based political acumen of a man selected for the job by another man no more qualified to navigate the politically intriguing waters of international relations.

Since Obama came to power, Israel has noted there’s a very poor performance factor exhibited by Obama and his flat-footed lackey Kerry. Obama can’t say anything while standing on foreign soil lest it be denigrating, insulting and offensive to America and her people. It’s become apparent Obama’s education in that Indonesian madrasa had a telling effect on his world-view.

And it sure as hell wasn’t a good one.

Obama and Kerry are weevils crawling out of Karl Marx’s beard. It’s amazing how they claim they believe in America but work so hard to drag her through the mud at every opportunity.

Kerry, as the highest level representative of the United States has accomplished something we thought we’d never see: a Secretary of States more incompetent than Hilary Rodham Clinton. She screwed the pooch in Benghazi. Kerry is raping Israel; regularly. He’s doing this by demanding Israel give up more than they can hope to survive without. Israel has bent over backwards in many cases by releasing men and women held prisoner after committing horrendous terrorist acts and gotten no more for it than to be attacked by recidivist homicidal maniacs launching rockets and blowing up innocents in the marketplaces of their nation and the world. Kerry believes Hamas MUST be catered to in negotiations. Israel says shove it; it isn’t happening!

Kerry and his madrasa taught Imam consistently denigrate Israel and America by misspeaking, inappropriately speaking and not having the good sense to stop speaking when they know better than to NOT pander to our competitors and enemies on the world stage. It’s obvious neither one of these two clowns has the ability to mask their true intent which is to weaken America in the eyes of the world.

And they’re too stupid to understand some of us are watching and speaking out about it. Obama and Kerry want a place in history. But, in that history book it’s possible to see the yin and yang of any historical act. It’s true history is the written by the victor but it’s in the oral histories of any people beset upon we find myths exposed and greater truths understood. We can hear and see the truths concealed in artifice. We can see the truths accepted on faith in those who wouldn’t lie to us but merely report the facts.

We’re moving back to that point with each stupid, tangle-tongued, insensitive “policy” statement issued by these two bungling, unskilled, hopelessly ineffectual clowns working overtime to determine which of them is least likely to save America.

There’s a circus where a clown is propelled head-first into a horse’s hind end. It’s hilarious. But we’re still waiting to see which of these two clowns pulls his head out: will it be Obama or Kerry?

Or will they just keep it stuck there so they don’t have to see what they’ve done to the greatest nation on earth.

Thanks for listening.

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