SARGE: It Just Doesn’t Work

You have to wonder at times if it does any good at all to speak out against what you see as being either offensive or outright dangerous where it comes to politicians. I mean, REALLY! It’s ridiculous how people can witness acts of an outright perfidious and treacherous intent and nobody gets upset in the least; unless it’s to claim racism, a hate crime or you’re just plain stupid because you don’t see it their way.

We’ve been watching Obama and his band of idiots led by Reid and Pelosi gleefully drag America into the gutter of also-rans in this world to a point where we are shown ever decreasing respect because our leaders have no bone in their spines to support the rhetoric they spout.

But, that’s only on the world-stage. Here at home it’s even worse.

ObamaCare, the Senate, the House of Misrepresentatives, the IRS; none display the attributes expected of men and women of integrity and resolve this nation’s was at one time noted for. This nation was once held before the world as the “gold standard” of what a nation should ascribe to become in this world. Now; that’s not so much the case, if at all. Russia is held in higher regard in some spots on the globe.

I long for the day when we were accepted, respected and when necessary: feared for our ability to produce what was once the greatest military on the globe. We were led by men of principles and values born of attitudes anchored in harbors known for producing the goods would lead the world. These goods were integrity, resolve, tenacity to do what’s right over what’s merely expedient. We traded on our reputations for fairness and put aside the desire to own and control all, in favor of sharing and spreading the wealth.

Greed has taken over. The greed for power, the greed for exorbitant amounts of money collected for establishing no more than open lines of communication, the greed for position and influence over others, events and standing whether you deserve it or not are examples of our losses concerning our national character. We have no national standard concerning our character. We simply pick a peg; hang our hat on it indicating “this or that is what I believe. It’s not my own thinking but I’ll benefit from it if I go along for the ride.”

The overwhelming self-serving nature of the average American is growing. It has been for a long time.  This is because the average American appears willing to accept that his moral structure and his place in society can be dropped to the lowest popular denominator. People are ready and acceptant of the idea that equality means settling for less. This is in place of the ideal Americans ascribed to in the past where we believed we were to be equal based on our drives to NOT to be less but to be more in life and society.

Is this Obama’s fault? Only today. It wasn’t his fault under Bush. It wasn’t Obama’s fault under, Clinton. It wasn’t anybody’s fault going back through n Eisenhower.

It’s our fault because we stopped accepting what we knew was right and started to consent to being in need of improvement so we’d equal others nowhere near our equals. Specifically, we started to believe every theory spouted at us by people quantifying statistics and extrapolating data to support their half-assed ideas and theories. They didn’t work to improve the nature and strengths of the beast; they worked to improve the appearance of the beast. It’s like inbreeding an animal until its diseases and weaknesses take over to the point of endangering the breed through genetic engineering. The coat looks great. The posture may appear perfect. The overall presentation and conformation may be the signature of what’s understood as the standard. But, the breed fails to thrive because its better traits are overshadowed by its detriments. The breed is dying and it’s because the handlers are greedy for a specific prize for themselves.

It’s American’s fault this is happening because individual citizens are acceptant of whatever is thrown their way to appease them. They hear what they want to hear. They attend the circus for the bread and wine.

It’s time to recognize the exceptionality of America and Americanism. There’s no way you can shift Americanism as a word, a noun and an ideal and arrive at the adjective: mediocre.

It just won’t work.

Thanks for listening.

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