SARGE: The Short List

A slug is a tough-skinned terrestrial mollusk typically lacking a shell and secretes a film of mucosal slime for protection. It can be a serious pest. The secondary definition is a slow, lazy person also described as a sluggard. This would fit many of the people chosen to be secondary level participants in bureaucracy; you know, like Inspector Generals chosen from the partisan eel barrel to oversee federal departments having troubles with ethics and morals in their daily activities.

It seems a bipartisan committee investigated Charles K. Edwards, who served as acting DHS Inspector General (IG)from 2011 through 2013. The committee found Edwards routinely discussed his investigations with the very people he was investigating. It was similar to Whitey Bulger (a notorious Boston gangster) having his man in the FBI feeding him information concerning FBI efforts to investigate his activities. Edwards regularly shared drinks and dinner with the people being overseen. He allegedly gave these people inside information concerning the timing and findings of investigations.

Edwards could at best be called a minion or a puppet or a flunky. At worst he could be known as a lackey or as a slug and possibly a parasite.

This statement is based on the fact Obama appointed him from a short-list of people. He knew Edwards was a bottom feeder on the floor of Democrat Party, and Obama’s ideological basement. His actions occurred as he sought Obama’s nomination to be the permanent inspector general overseeing DHS. This would have placed him over the third-largest government agency, with a $39 billion budget and more than 225,000 employees.  (Washington Post/Politics 4-24-2014)

If you’re an Obama loyalist it’s nice work if you can get it, isn’t it?

It was found by the committee chaired by Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) and Sen. Ronald H. Johnson (R-Wis.), the ranking Republican on the subcommittee: … “Edwards was a compromised inspector general… who was not exercising real oversight” … “Any report generated out of his office would be suspect.” It would seem with this criminally malfeasant individual’s activities NO report generated out of his office would be suspect could be trusted or believed.

Edwards declined to comment.

Edwards is a 20-year federal career employee with expertise in computer engineering He resigned his IG position less than a week before being scheduled to appear and give testimony at a Senate hearing. DHS transferred him into its office of science and technology. The hearing was canceled.

So it seems if you’re a slug slithering around assuring the ideologically acceptable BS your boss Obama advocates, you get a transfer rather than get fired when you’re “outed” as the duplicitous little operative you are. This could be seen as a way to assure your silence as you pull an inflated government paycheck rather than be driven from the job and left to fend for yourself.

In interviews with other high ranking interviewees said Edwards ordered changes to a report issued in a March 2012. This report about Immigration and Customs Enforcement was requested by other senior DHS officials. All of this came about because of reports dealing with complaints issued that certain senior Department of Homeland Security administrators may have intentionally given false testimony before Congress. It was alleged DHS officials intentionally misled Congress and the public about a new program to identify illegal immigrants, and whether local law enforcement was required to participate. (ibid.)

Edwards is alleged to have stalled the issuance of the report from its original exposition date of March 1st until March 27th after John Sandweg, then DHS general counsel requested the change.

The Obama administration has now assumed a growing reputation for political chicanery rivalling that of Ulysses Grant’s Administration. Grant suffered 11 individual scandals brought about by his inability to supervise and control political appointees and minions. Obama has to his credit: “Benghazi-gate”, IRS targeting of conservative groups, NSA surveillance of AP and Fox News reporters, “Fast and Furious”, Kathleen Sebelius using her office to shake down companies regulated by her department for campaign contributions, GSA waste and poor financial spending on frivolous junkets and videos produced to showcase GSA operations.

Sebelius violated the Hatch Act when making “extemporaneous partisan remarks” by calling for the election of the Democratic candidate for governor of North Carolina.  Then there’s Solyndra and the money he allotted before the company went into bankruptcy. Obama’s usage of “Executive Privilege” is creating an upheaval as it pertains to his bypassing the Constitution whenever he feels it appropriate. And last; Obama delays implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s major provisos so as to avoid poor mid-term election results.

There are more, but space requires we pull in the reins a little and slow this recitation of Obama’s duplicity. But it’s easy to see that by enumerating this short-list of his duplicitous and self-serving administration’s activities why Edwards believed he could get away with this garbage.

Thanks for listening.

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