Low Popahirum, National Edition (5-28-14)

“The amphibious ship Bataan with Ospreys and 1,000 Marines on board has moved into the eastern Mediterranean to be ready for a possible evacuation, CBS News correspondent David Martin reported. The ship had been taking part in an exercise with Jordan.” – CBS News

“I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba—not because I’m nostalgic for a botched utopian fantasy but because I wanted to experience Communism firsthand. When I finally got my chance several months ago, I was startled to discover how much the Cuban reality lines up with Blomkamp’s dystopia. In Cuba, as in Elysium, a small group of economic and political elites live in a rarefied world high above the impoverished masses. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, authors of The Communist Manifesto, would be appalled by the misery endured by Cuba’s ordinary citizens and shocked by the relatively luxurious lifestyles of those who keep the poor down by force.” – City Journal

“It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon to work out what Democrats are doing to Monica Wehby in Oregon. It’s more useful to realize they are doing it precisely because she is a neurosurgeon—a successful female one, to be precise.” – Kimberly Strassel/WSJ

“Virtually all Americans come together on Memorial Day to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the country’s freedom and safety. Two Council on American-Islamic Relations officials spent the holiday weekend differently: Questioning whether U.S. troops deserve to be honored and tweeting that the country was ‘established upon white supremacy.'” – Clarion Project

“Todd Fine is making the news with his fiery denunciations of the 9/11 Museum. Fine is described as an ‘amateur historian’ and leader of a ‘grass roots movement.'” – Front Page Mag

“What are we learning from the row over the statistical methods used by rock-star Leftish economist Thomas Piketty in his new ‘Tax everyone, everywhere’ book? Well: nothing we’ve not learned before.” – UK Telegraph

“The most striking revelation about Elliot Rodger, the alleged Santa Barbara shooter, is that he had been in therapy for most of his life.” – Reason

“I guess it asks too much of Obama’s Best and Brightest that the Counter Terrorism Bureau should know which radical clerics have called for the death of American soldiers.” – Ace Of Spades

“Angelou, a Renaissance woman and cultural pioneer, died Wednesday morning at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, her son, Guy B. Johnson, said in a statement. The 86-year-old had been a professor of American studies at Wake Forest University since 1982.” – AP

“But the central theme of his foreign policy-heavy address was that American strength would continue to come by working through international coalitions. Obama called for diplomacy and ‘multilateral action’ in the face of global threats. His prepared remarks, distributed by the White House, replaced that phrase with the words ‘collective action.'” – UK Daily Mail

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