GARY: Consequences Of ObamaCare

I am writing this post in utter disgust at the recent consequences of ObamaCare and how it pertains to a family friend.  After speaking to someone I know, I have found that that person’s family will now be responsible for an additional $300 plus per month in their premiums and will now be in the position to have to cut back in some areas of their budget to accommodate for these changes.  Unfortunately, they are not with several illegitimate children or a member of the US Congress, where they would be able to either receive subsidized or free healthcare, so they are being punished for trying to play by the rules and provide for their family.

Contrary to what Democrats such as Harry Reid would make make you believe, these are real life stories and not imaginary fairy tales.

It’s time for those elected to do what’s best for the hard earning taxpayer and quit talking about doing something regarding this debacle and actually DO SOMETHING.  Our country is being pushed toward the brink of economic disaster and all I see are people talking about “what we’re going to do”.

ObamaCare needs to be repealed.  No changes, no working within the law.  Repeal it, every word!!!!!

Christopher J. Gary

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