LA Tea Party To Jindal: ‘Veto REAL ID’

The Louisiana Tea Party is asking that Gov. Bobby Jindal veto legislation that would allow the state to issue driver’s licenses that fall-in-line with the controversial federal REAL ID measures.

Tea Party of Louisiana’s main concern: data privacy. The conservative group says that with the new law, proposed by Rep. Karen St. Germain (D-Pierre Part)  is a step in the wrong direction.

“We don’t want to wake up one morning and find that we are living in a North American communist, fascist or totalitarian state, and the ‘Real ID’ program is one more step down that road,” Reid wrote.

The bill was originally brought up because of “flying concerns” and would essentially allow an individual the option of getting a driver’s license that is compliant with the federal REAL ID program.

And though Jindal’s own State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson helped push the law in the legislative session, the Gov. does not seem decided on the issue just yet.

“We have some concerns with this Real ID bill, but we are still in the process of reviewing it,” Jindal spokesman Mike Reed said in an email.

As noted for some time, there are some real issues raised by the REAL ID matter. One is a national identity system where the program may become “a key part of a system of identity papers, databases, status and identity checks and access control points – an “internal passport” that will increasingly be used to track and control individuals’ movements and activities.”

Also, the REAL ID measure has the potential to expand over time with its standardized machine-readable interface driving “its integration into an ever-growing network of identity checks and access control points – each of which will create new data trails that will in turn be linked to that central database or its private-sector shadow equivalent.”

Come 2016, thanks to federal law, individuals wanting to board planes will not be able to unless they have some form of identification that is REAL ID compliant.

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