Low Popahirum, National Edition (6-17-14)

“With the political demise of Eric Cantor at the hands of a virtually unknown economics professor and senile porkmeister Thad Cochran on life support the business community is looking under its collective bed for bogeymen and they have found it: the conservative movement.” – RedState

“Training for a Missouri cosmetology license, which takes 1,500 hours and can cost $16,000, includes no instruction on African hair braiding. But a hair braider who does it without the license — even using no dyes, chemicals, flat irons or other equipment — risks misdemeanor charges and fines, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court here Monday to challenge the law.” – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Mississippi has finally got a top ranking among the states. Problem is, it’s an achievement the state can do without.” – Daily Signal

“The United States has misunderstood everyone in the world outside its borders and mismanaged everything. It has done so with a bipartisan consensus so broad and deep that it has no opposition except simple-minded isolationism. America gets unwanted results — most recently in Iraq – because it wants the wrong things in the first place. And there seems to be no way to persuade Americans otherwise. The crumbling of the Iraqi state will provide yet another pretext for mutual recriminations among political parties. The trouble is that both parties wanted the wrong thing to begin with.” – Spengler/Asia Times

“When Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters asked Hillary Clinton fans about the deadly Benghazi terror attacks of 2012, he got some surprising answers. None were more surprising than the ones coming from several people who had no idea what Benghazi was, despite the fact that many argue it is Clinton’s biggest failure as secretary of state.” – The Blaze

Their death-cultism is now on full display in Iraq. About a week ago, ISIS released a video of their latest exploits. The grotesque hour-long footage shows ISIS capturing Iraqi police officers and then shooting them as they kneel down and wait to die. In slow motion, ISIS regales us with terrified prisoners digging their own graves, and with assassinations. The ISIS videographers crow in the background. At one point, the camera records a gang of masked men who are slowly interrogating a police officer for propaganda value. Then, two of the terrorists jump on the officer and behead him, slowly, as he flails and struggles. The next scene shows his decapitated head sitting upon his torso. This is the world they seek: a ‘holy’ kingdom of death.” – National Review

“On Monday, despite House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) shocking primary loss last week that was viewed as a referendum against amnesty legislation, former Mississippi Governor and lobbyist Haley Barbour said the House could still pass amnesty legislation this year.” – Breitbart

“Secretary of State John Kerry ‘should be on a plane right now for Baghdad,’ former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker said Tuesday.” – The Hill

It’s not just Lois Lerner’s emails. The Internal Revenue Service says it can’t produce emails from six more employees involved in the targeting of conservative groups, according to two Republicans investigating the scandal.” – National Review

“The White House is enjoying a rare piece of good news in a season of disarray on foreign policy and national security.  The US have finally captured the first suspected ringleader of the attack on the Benghazi consulate 21 months ago. US special forces seized Ahmed Abu Khattala in a raid this weekend in Libya, which has now been made public after all personnel have left the country:” – Hot Air

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