Low Popahirum, National Edition (6-2-14)

“There comes a point where the Left’s calumnizing of conservatives, its endless quest to delegitimize ordinary words, and its determination to criminalize religious expression all combine to make me want to offend as many leftists as I can, in response, just for fun. But not only for fun: Deliberately choosing to offend them, and thus trying to shred their ideological straitjackets, is occasionally a necessary endeavor. We on the right must show that we need not cower; we can and must fight back.” – Quin Hillyer/National Review

“U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue was barely finished calling for the further impoverishment of American workers (i.e. ‘immigration reform’) when he shows up as a guest of Cuba’s Stalinist regime and gives a speech at the University of Havana calling for a further fleecing of American taxpayers (i.e. ending the so-called Cuba embargo).” – Humberto Fontova/Human Events

“U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl has been released from captivity.  That’s the good news.  Every American and every freedom-loving person in the world should rejoice.  The reunion with his family will be a major media moment and a major moment for the president.   The bad news is that President Obama has now placed a target on the back of every single American – civilian and military alike.” – Brad Thor/The Blaze

President Obama’s record of lawlessness is prodigious. There is the assumption of a power to rule by presidential decree — unilaterally amending ObamaCare provisions, immigration statutes, and other enactments in flagrant disregard of Congress’s constitutional power to write the laws.” – Andrew McCarthy/New York Post

Obama had always projected the aura of a deeply confident man, someone who on the basis of past experience was justified in assuming that good luck just naturally happened to him. But in the second term, confronted by recurring setbacks and regular reminders of the limits of his power, he began to convey a sense that even hopeful news might be ephemeral, a mirage.” – POLITICO

“In 15 minutes, Cochran, clad in a yellow rain jacket, made his rounds among the 20 or so people gathered to see him. The room was mostly empty and the energy was low, but those gathered looked on admiringly and paid their respects. The senator has largely avoided the media, even fleeing from CNN cameras earlier this week, and has refused to debate his challenger, state senator Chris McDaniel. Among his friends, though, he is at ease, and they are generous with their praise.” – National Review

“Gerald Ford never said “drop dead” to New York City when it pleaded with Washington for a bailout at the nadir of its profligate liberalism back in the mid-1970s, but that didn’t stop the NY Daily News from running the famous headline.  (Ford was of course quite correct in resisting a bailout.)  I wonder if any newspaper or media organization will take the same poetic license with Obama’s new greenhouse gas emission rules being issued today, as such a headline would be completely accurate.” – Power Line

“The good news after the departure of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki over the wait-list fraud scandal is that a new consensus has developed on Capitol Hill that veterans should have the option to choose outside providers for their medical care. The bad news, at least at the moment, is that no consensus exists on what conditions should trigger that, or whether there should be conditions on choice at all. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who heads the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, has only recently and grudgingly accepted that a private choice should exist at all, and he wants to limit it to the crisis at hand. Sen. John McCain wants it to be a permanent option, and their competing bills will come to the Senate floor over the next few weeks:” – Hot Air

“Day 1,956 of his presidency was not too kind to President Obama. Having to announce within a four-hour span that he had lost both an embattled Cabinet secretary and his chief spokesman, Obama looked Friday like a man gamely trying to get a stalled administration back on track.” – National Journal

“Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is dismissing Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum as ‘outside celebrities’ who have gotten involved in the highly-charged Mississippi GOP Senate primary to ‘help themselves nationally.'” – Daily Caller

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