Low Popahirum, National Edition (6-5-14)

“President Barack Obama said Thursday that he will not apologize for approving the prisoner swap that brought Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl into U.S. custody and that it was the right thing to do.” – POLITICO

“Sen. Lindsey Graham is so furious over the swap of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban leaders that he is warning of a GOP impeachment push if President Obama tries to release any other prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.” – Washington Examiner

“The events of the past week illustrate the degree to which Barack Obama has become a failed president.” – Ben Domenech/The Federalist

“Over the last several months, the American public has had a hard and clear look at the executive talent inside the White House, and has begun to despair for real leadership and competence.” – Yahoo! Finance

“Fear of this outcome came up as the strongest reaction in last night’s Fox News poll, where a clear majority was “very concerned” that we encouraged more hostage-taking with the 5-for-1 deal to get Bowe Bergdahl back. One Taliban commander tells Time Magazine today that we should be concerned. The huge payoff for five years of holding Bergdahl has the Taliban incentivized to look for more targets to use as bargaining chips:” – Hot Air

“The chief of the Environmental Protection Agency on Monday justified the EPA’s sweeping new regulation on power plant emissions as a necessary step to prevent catastrophic increases in both the Earth’s temperature and sea levels.” – The Blaze

“More than half the members of the City Council have fired off a letter to Walmart demanding that it stop making millions in charitable contributions to local groups here.” – NY Post

“In Rubin’s view of things, there’s no real value in making red seats redder. But there actually is and it ties into DeMint’s idea, which was close but incomplete. You con’t need a majority of the Senate to be strong conservatives, you need a majority of the Republican Senate caucus to be strong conservatives.” – Ace Of Spades

“Some of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides blasted the New York Times for what they said was unfair coverage of the former first lady during a recent secret meeting with the paper’s Washington bureau, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.” – Washington Free Beacon

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time.  One pen-and-phone executive action driving the stubborn VA scandal out of the limelight, welcoming home an American held captive by our enemies. The vanquisher of Osama bin Laden now bringing home the last prisoner of war. The optics would be great: sharing the Rose Garden spotlight with grateful parents, and a hero’s welcome from small town, USA in rustic Idaho.  And as a bonus, Gitmo would get 5 very troublesome inmates closer to empty. He would cap the week in which he announced the pullout from Afghanistan with a triumphal return.” – American Thinker

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