SARGE: Be Careful What You Ask For

Be careful what you ask for: you might get it. This kernel of homespun wisdom needs to be driven full-force into the forehead of Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, the Prime Minister who worked so exuberantly to have U.S. Forces leave his country. His belief Iraqi forces could shoulder the self-defense responsibilities of his nation were not quite up to snuff. Al-Maliki forgot it’s against Islamic Law for Muslims to wage war against Muslims unless they gain counseling from more militant, fundamentalist Imams saying it’s okay. This is the problem of trying to run a secular government without addressing the religious standards of your enemy. Fundamentalist, extremist (insert religion here) adherents don’t give a damn about progressive governmental administrations. They’d rather keep gaining eyes for eyes and teeth for teeth. They don’t care how many blind, toothless people wander the streets and graveyards as long as they praise the prophet and their perception of his holy word.

Combat in Iraq escalated as insurgent forces raced to capture Mosul this week and establish the foundation of a supreme caliphate when associated with Syrian fundamentalist Islamism. Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki was courting Obama to carrying out airstrikes against extremist staging areas, according to Iraqi and American officials. (New York Times 6-11-2014)

It appears Obama is holding to his refusal to send forces to a country with a history of failure in the world of secular governmental endeavor and administration. In a strange, almost surreal performance Obama may get this one right. My only problem is at least 4400 brave men and women sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the Iraqi people.

I know. I know. Bush screwed the pooch with the whole Weapons of Mass Destruction fiasco. But, it’s never been proven the chemical weapons Bashar al Assad is killing his people with in Syria aren’t the same weapons sent there by Saddam Hussein. Iraq still needed to be removed from the heel of Hussein (in my humble opinion) but the flaccid political and social performance executed by al-Maliki isn’t what we’d hoped for as we sent our forces in-country.

No, Obama is standing back and proving even a broke clock can be right at least twice a day. But, Obama is a product of the digital age and that aphorism is only applicable from a mechanically analog basis. Obama isn’t noted for his acumen in the Foreign Relations world but his progressive/socialist platform rests firmly on his dogma and ideology being seriously reproachful toward those who don’t see it his way in the first place.

Al-Maliki’s performance makes Obama look a little more stupid because Obama backed the idea there could appear to be a progressive, secular Islamist government could prosper in the Middle East. Or, maybe he didn’t. Maybe this all could be a ruse to allow Islam to develop a strong centrally located Jihadi State in the Middle East could surround and destroy Israel by isolating it behind an Iron Ring of sorts based on the Qur’an. Obama has shown no real support to Israel other than vapid, insipid lip-service designed to keep the American Jewish voter base polluted and in line.

Mosul’s capture by transient militants aligned with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has pointed out how conflicts in Syria and Iraq met and joined into an expanding regional insurgency with fighters flowing back and forth across the permeable border between the countries. But it has also called attention to the limits the White House has imposed on the use of American power in an increasingly violent and volatile region.

It may be to Obama’s credit that he isn’t ready to allow more American ground or air units to further muddy the already stupid and schizophrenic government headed by al-Maliki. First they wanted us to leave and now their fat’s in the fire al-Maliki’s asking the United States to act as uber-mercenary arms delivery system. My friend from “da hood” used to say: “Homey don’t play that!” The caveat “anymore” should be added to that aphorism.

Iraq is headed to the bowels of fundamentalist Islamist Jihad. Al-Maliki will be excreted when Baghdad falls.

Thanks for listening.

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