Hillar-ious! The Best Of Hillary Clinton’s Amazon Book Reviews

Here’s the biggest laugh you’ll get all day, the funniest Amazon.com reviews for Hillary Clinton’s new book “Hard Choices.”

Revisionist garbage: “I’d give zero stars if that were an option. This is so full of lies it should have been published by The Onion. Only difference is this writer actually believes the trash flowing from her mouth.”

Worse than dying puppies: “Got at least half way through this extremely hard to read “book” before giving up on any chance of democrats winning anything in 2016 just based off of this individuals views on how to fix america.”

**REAL** cow manure is cheaper: “Granted I detest her, OK? Still, I do read about the enemy, if only to understand them better. Unfortunately, though, while “life’s like a box full of chocolates” the only similarity here is the figurative color coordination. The writing is decent yet unfortunately the association with facts is just enough to argue this boring vanity printing has some faint connection to reality. Less so than ‘Soylent Green,’ or ‘Das Kapital,’ but then this one sprang from a mendaciously venal megalomaniacal source. Admittedly, this is based on less than half the book, but I have greater respect for my health than to force myself to consume any more pure bovine excreta.”

Mush…I feel sorry for the trees that were murdered for this drivel: “I am a God’s honest Democrat and cannot believe people buy into this garbage. Hil’s election tour has officially started. Aren’t there any other Democrats that we can choose from??”

Very Convienient……for making a campfire: “I do not care about your political affiliation, you should know that much information in this book is pure bogus. She’s made millions, along with her husband (which btw was a bad president), with her past books and charges for speaking at a rally, group, ect. I bet none of you can even name one accomplishment she has had for being SOS. She deserted our guys in Benghazi, and then she has the nerve to write this book of lies? Time to throw this in the campfire.”

Milk Toast and BS Cocktail: “Same old bull, different old crap….says nothing and means less. Do not waste your money on this one. Makes for good toilet paper, however.”

Save your money and buy a latte: “Where are the chapters on the missing Rose Law Firm subpoenaed billing records, on turning 1 Grand into 100 Grand on cattle futures, Filegate, Travegate, Bill’s bimbo eruptions, Monica, Puerto Rican terrorists pardon, etc.? This woman had no shame when telling the Benghazi victims’ family members they’re going to get the person(s) responsible for “the video” when knowing all along it was terrorists who killed their sons. How low can you go?”

Hard Choices: “The title ‘Hard Choices’ is an apt one considering all of the good ‘choices’ Rodham ‘hardly’ made through the course of her career. Looking forward to the sequel: ‘Negative Consequences.’ Should come out sometime next year. I hear it will be co-authored by one Eric Holder. All jokes aside, this is an excellent work of partisan fiction. It is truly inspiring to read about how accomplished and wonderful Hilary Clinton could have been, had she not been a horrible person and politician in real life.”

The only hard choice is whether or not to use the book as toilet paper or a case study into mental illness: “I shoplifted the book because I would not want 1 cent going to this political hack. I tried to read the first couple of chapters and couldn’t stomach any more of this liberal drool. If she thinks she is remotely qualified to commander in chief, she is sorely mistaken as she is a serial liar and woefully incompetent.”

A good read, if you are an anthropomorphic simian: “I wish there was a star rating on Amazon to show a negative rating as this surely deserves a NEGATIVE 5 stars! Given the history of congenital prevarications by this eternal politician, I went against my better judgement and attempted to read this waste of wood pulp against known factual history. I should have listened to my instincts and not even opened the first page. This is one of the most blatant whitewashing attempts to date by this pernicious lying politician. It belongs in the fiction section under “Fairytale Myths of the 20th and 21st Centuries”. In my opinion, the pages of this waste of wood pulp don’t deserve to line the bottom of bird cages.”

The cure for insomnia: “It’s blatantly obvious she intends to run for president again. Why write a book about being the least active Secretary of State of the last thirty-five years? It’s like describing the objects in a room because nothing else is happening there. What a sad disappointment this book is. Expected so much more.”

I bought the Wrong Book: “Thought I was buying a a book about someone who was broke, never told a lie and always took responsibility. My bad.”

What Hillary is Becoming: “This book is further proof that Hillary is fast becoming Gary Busey. The person who made the most money from this book is the airbrush artist who doctored the cover photo.”

Good sedative for sleeping: “What a snooze of a book. Nothing but blah, blah, blah…………..I, I, I. She hasn’t accomplished anything in her life except leaching off the taxpayers. If Hillary expects to be President, she sure doesn’t convince anyone by this book!”

Toilet Paper: “Totally unequivocally pure unadulterated stinky no good terrible crap. I would not recommend using this as toilet paper, maybe kindling, do not waste your money.”

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