SARGE: My WTF Moment

Anybody on the planet not recognizing I despise Beaurat Obama either lives under a rock or is directly related to Howard Dean and assuredly showing the fractured DNA separates him from other Homo sapiens. Obama has given five major players in the Taliban to get back a man who may or may not be Court Martialed for deserting the battlefield to give aid and comfort to the enemy in Afghanistan. The Taliban will be sure to be “monitored” as they spend time with their families in Qatar decompressing from their imprisonment in Cuba. I’m sure the trauma of having free healthcare, free food catered to them so as not compromise their dietary standards and populating the multi-million dollar soccer field supplied by American Taxpayers has proven onerous and displaying grave emotional consequences.

Is Bowe Bergdahl a deserter? I don’t know. Is Beaurat Obama an idiot? Is he incompetent? Is he a friend of Islam and the perverted, demented and savage elements waging war against us with violent attacks and now infiltrating our borders with home-grown radical Islamist belligerents? Of all of this I’m sure.

Obama said in his defense, this is how things go “when wars end”. Is this man so stupid as to believe the Taliban and its tentacle subsidiaries are now going to end hostilities and attacks simply because he releases their best, brightest and smartest tacticians to allegedly strict confinement in an Arab nation we have no control over because they have what we want (oil) and not the other way around?

Answer: Yes! He is that stupid. He thinks this war is ending because his script writers say so. He believes, because he’s the “smooth communicator”, everything he says and believes is loaded with integrity we know is non-existent and qualifications he’s proven are not verifiable. He’s entirely too damned dumb to recognize radical Islam is as vociferous, enthusiastic and violently motivated fanatical religious programs on the planet. Radical Islam, as is ANY fundamentalist dogma advocating violent subjugation of unbelievers, is an enemy meant to be recognized and dealt with in the same manner they deal with their enemies.

This war is NOT over by a long shot and Obama’s inability to understand that places this nation and our allies in the most severe jeopardy. Obama unilaterally decided his “executive privilege” allows him to do whatever the hell he wants to do without regard to what the Congress or the people may think or disagree with at any given moment. A precedent has been set now for the terrorists of the world to expect negotiation when they kidnap and detain Americans overseas and potentially here in America. Obama has pulled one of the legs off of a four-legged stool. This has placed the nation standing on that now unbalanced three-legged platform to be in jeopardy of falling into the stool sample this moron has left behind.

And it doesn’t appear he’s ready to stop screwing up any time soon.

A former federal prosecutor told the British Newspaper: Mail Online the 30-day-notice law is probably unconstitutional, but putting enemy combatants back in a position to harm Americans is possibly an impeachable offense

The same British newspaper said a White House insider said Obama administration officials didn’t anticipate how controversial Bergdahl’s rescue would be and compared it to the 1981 release of 52 US hostages in Iran. But there was a difference; the Nation of Iran, as a sovereign nation developed after the abdication of the Shah was rejected as a terrorist element. It was a national policy instituted by nutcases drunk with power upon ascension to the seat of power in government.

But, in addition to this several of Bergdahl’s former military comrades said he deserted. Some have speculated he deserted specifically to join the Taliban. An official Pentagon report issued in 2010 concluded Bergdahl ‘walked away’ from his post and the safety of his unit of his own volition. (MailOnline 6-3-2014)

When one adds the loss of life suffered as his comrades honorable and selflessly searched for him to return him to safety and you have a tragedy Obama finds acceptable because he understands nothing of men and women honorably serving this nation. He only knows how to minimize and neglect them while spitting meaningless, mewling pabulum from his disingenuousness and duplicitous lips.

I’d say he should be ashamed of himself but, shame is something else he has no concept of.

Thanks for listening.

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