SARGE: Running His Head

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more;
it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
Macbeth Act 5, Scene five

Chris Wallace and John Kerry squared off on Fox News on Sunday July 20. Wallace was asking about the extension being given to Iran concerning Iran’s progress in de-militarizing and turning over their stockpiles of enriched Uranium to avoid further economic sanctions. Wallace pestered Kerry and as Kerry was trying to give his answer Wallace employed a tactic Fox News interviewers are noted for using: he interrupted Kerry as he continued a long and what I’m sure he believed was an appropriate answer.

Kerry shot back with: “You like to ask questions, but you don’t like to get answers!” Then he refused to address more questions until he’d finished his original response. Moments earlier Wallace played a recording of Obama saying he would be the first to slap new sanctions on Iran if they hadn’t complied by 7-20-2014.

It was a precious bit of drama for us to watch. Some say (and I’m among those noting the tactic) it’s rude to interrupt a person while they speak. I agree. In a debate there should be no interruptions. The conflict should be addressed in the proper time and with decorum. This however isn’t and wasn’t a debate. It was a news interview conducted with a man noted for dancing around issues and outright lying when confronted with facts recorded and played back. It was an interview with a man charged with negotiations of a high import and deadly consequences who is required to keep his cards close to his vest and not screw it up as Leon Panetta did when Panetta announced Israelis’ tactical thinking concerning this issue and others.

It was a wrong thing to do to Kerry. He should have been allowed to finish his statement with all of the excessive verbosity and shadowed nuance proving he’s NOT the diplomat he thinks he is and recording it to prove his duplicity dribbling from his Botox stiffened lips and the depths of his intellect located somewhere near his anus. It works better when the fool hoists himself on his own petard. And it’s best to have the entire exchange recorded. He can’t deny what we saw and can play back as it suits our needs; not his

This particular “petard” (or explosive charge) could come back to Kerry, as was shown when Wallace played the tape of Obama pontificating and being long winded while saying nothing. Kerry could be caught in more lies and “hoist on his own petard” or blown up when the recorded facts are thrown back in his face. The back-blast could impact Kerry as he has no sense of our appreciation of fact and truth as they exist. He wants to structure the narrative to his personal benefit and that of his feckless and flaccid administration.

Kerry continued : “I know you and others don’t ever want to give the Obama administration credit for almost anything, but the fact is this is the first administration to get a [nuclear] rollback in ten years.”

We regularly give Obama credit for what’s done and said. It’s just that it doesn’t follow the course Obama and his crew wants. Obama like Kerry like to use a lot of flowery language showing how erudite and classy they are. The problem stands in the fact flowers in a funeral originally were used to mask the smell of decaying bodies before modern embalming practices.

No matter how much Obama’s administration seeks to hide their incompetence behind flowery speech the fact remains his administration still stinks and for everything he and Kerry use to try and hide this fact, sooner or later the stench will be recognized.

In closing I’d like to quote that great street philosopher George Carlin: “By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.”

So, I say let him speak. He only makes the hole deeper as he runs his head.

Thanks for listening.

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