SARGE: Welcome To Our Tranquil Global Community

Josh Earnest (Jay Carney’s replacement) is a bigger “knob” than Carney; and it only took a couple of weeks for him to prove it. Earnest said: “I think that there have been a number of situations in which you’ve seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way, that has substantially furthered American interests and substantially improved the, uh, you know, the – the tranquility of the global community.”

Uh, say what? The tranquility of the global community”? On what bloody planet does this Nutcase live that he can even think to say we’ve seen Obama “intervene in a meaningful way” to make the world a more “tranquil place?” It might be on the moon where Obama made things more tranquil by assuring we never go there again. Maybe he’s alluding to the many hours of tranquil pleasures spent on the golf courses of the world. Or maybe he’s alluding to those times Michelle spent millions of taxpayer dollars in Beijing while Obama stayed home and screwed up foreign policy by NOT doing a damned thing to stop anybody from waging war. That of course wouldn’t include Israel whom he’s been trying to unilaterally tick-off, disarm and abandon as much as he can without throwing a Couchon de Lait for Benjamin Netanyahu. A “more tranquil…global community”? Has this idiot met John Kerry? The guy’s no better statesman than he was a Senator or an American serviceman before that.

The Ukraine is involved in a civil war backed by Russian interlopers supported but denied by Vladimir Putin. Iraq has blown up making Bush’s “shock and awe” look like a barbeque without the beer chasers. China’s threatening Vietnam. North Korea is sabre rattling on South Korea’s doorstep. China and Japan are ready to start war games near a set of contested island possessions. And, in general Islamist terrorists are kidnapping girls all over the African continent while Michelle is front and center on the Internet with a poorly written piece of cardboard saying we should be given back our girls.

That makes me appreciate the “tranquility of the global community”. Doesn’t it make you feel better?

Oh! I forgot the hemorrhage of Latino children crossing the southern borders to the tune of over 50, 000 kids in the past year. These kids are crossing the border with the complete expectation of getting a free pass to live here without the fear of being sent back to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama and any other country thinks all it takes to live in the United States is show up with tuberculosis, scabies, pneumonia and possibly the plague if we’re not careful. After all Obama expects us to accept our new Southern American “refugees” with open arms and pay for medical care (ObamaCare), education, housing subsidies and welfare through AFDC and SSI checks; all to be paid for by you and I who work while these kids won’t have to for fifteen to twenty years because they qualify for the Dream Act more our nightmare than anything else.

Obama’s ineptitude is only exceeded by his inclination to believe the bullspit and bladder squirt he keeps dribbling from his lying lips.

This idiot said he’d fundamentally change America. People didn’t think he’d do it by thwarting government actions with his obstructionist, divisive, dismissive and destructive lack of policies, foreign and domestic. He’s used inaction as a wall for the system to beat itself silly against as it runs full-tilt into the wall and destroys the vehicle we knew government to be. He’s started an adherence to the principles espoused by Cloward and Piven to overwhelm government by opening all forms of governmental services without having the financial means to support the services. Obama has again proven Americans’ refusal to participate in the conduct of the government can and will enchain them if they continue to be a laissez-faire accomplice in their own enslavement.

Yeah. Obama and his pet stooge Earnest want you to believe they contributed to the “tranquility of the global community”. All it took was for them to re-define “tranquility” to mean because you’re not being shot at, kidnapped or overrun by Islamist terrorists you live a “tranquil” life. Simple don’t you think? It would be simple unless you live in Chicago under Rahm Emanuel where murders are being committed exponentially.

Oh well. I’m going to attend to my little corner of this “global community” and clean, then re-load my weapons. Much more of Obama and I’ll be sniping Jihadists with a slingshot.

Thanks for listening.

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