BRILLIANT: Al Sharpton Goes To St. Louis, Gets Heckled Unmercifully

Kudos to Adam Sharp, a blogger for Progressives Today, for an ambush Jason Mattera would be proud of.

Yesterday, amid the rioting, looting and prospective race-war mongering going on in the St. Louis area after a cop shot and killed a black teenager in the suburban city of Ferguson who may or may not have been a gang member and who may or may not have been attempting to take the cop’s gun, Al Sharpton came to town to stoke the race war and pimp his own brand of “social justice.” Sharpton claims he was asked to go to St. Louis by the family of Michael Brown, the dead teenager, and his primary message was that he wants the cop who shot Brown to go to jail.

But Sharpton, who was outed earlier this year as a former FBI informant – as though it was possible for him to have any less credibility as a “leader” in the black community – didn’t count on Sharp mugging him with some inconvenient questions. This short, delicious exchange followed…

Al Sharpton Confronted Over Being a FBI Snitch from Sharp Elbows on Vimeo.

The transcript…

Adam Sharp: Sir, the term “Snitches Get Snitches” was spray painted on the burned out QuikTrip. Since you are a federal snitch, sir, do you fear for your life?

Al Sharpton: I’m not a snitch. (Not true) But today I want to tell the feds about a cop that needs to go to jail.

Sharp: Are you in fear for your life being a federal informant and…

Sharpton: I want to inform on this policeman today.

Sharp: Are you here to snitch on the rioters?… Are you here to work with your FBI partners?

Sharpton: (no response)

Reminds us of this…

snitches get stitches

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