Low Popahirum, National Edition (8-1-14)

“Whatever his intent, Kerry legitimized Hamas’s war criminality. Which makes his advocacy of Hamas’s terms not just a strategic blunder — enhancing an American-designated terror group just when a wall-to-wall Arab front wants to see it gone — but a moral disgrace.” – Charles Krauthammer/National Review

“The message isn’t John Kerry’s, of course; it’s President Obama’s. As we have said, Obama, blinded by his leftist, ‘liberationist’ ideology, sees the Muslim Brotherhood as the wave of the future in the Middle East. True to his ideology and wanting to be on ‘the right side of History,’ Obama has tilted toward the Brotherhood consistently.” – Power Line

“What it boils down to is that, despite having existed for 66 years, the modern state of Israel cannot seem to convey the most basic facts about itself to much of the Western world. Those facts include that it is a democracy with—dare I say it—a life-affirming Jewish ethos, and takes extraordinary measures to avoid inflicting civilian casualties even though locked into conflicts with depraved terrorist organizations that use every possible strategy to get it to inflict them.” – PJ Media

John Kerry sees no evil. The Israeli media is catching on.” – Jeffrey Lord/American Spectator

Today marks the 102nd anniversary of Friedman’s birth. He died in 2006, but during his long career Friedman won over admirers and drove left-of-center critics crazy with his direct and eloquent defense of capitalism.” – Daily Signal

“There must be something in the DNA of Democratic governors that gives them a very specific sort of superpower — the ability to endure doses of irony that would disable an ordinary mortal, or at least cause him to blush.” – Kevin Williamson/National Review

“Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D., Conn.) is seeking a national soda tax, an effort backed by leaders of the movement to ban smoking indoors and others who call carbonated beverages ‘toxic.'” – Washington Free Beacon

“After a day of embarrassing failures, House Republican leadership inched toward bringing a new border security bill to the floor Friday.” – POLITICO

“An Israeli analyst told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Friday morning that he received information from reliable sources that 3,000 Hamas elite soldiers told their families goodbye and appear ready to carry out suicide attacks on Israel.” – The Blaze

“To say that Obamacare enthusiasts are having a bad few weeks would be a major understatement. First, a three-judge panel at the DC Circuit Court ruled against them in Halbig vs. Sebelius, a lawsuit they called ‘stupid’ and ‘criminal’ for arguing that the subsidies that Uncle Sam was handing out through 36 federal exchanges violated the law. Then, videos surfaced showing that one of the law’s key architect’s — MIT’s Jonathan Gruber — had gone around the country two years ago basically making Halbig’s ‘stupid’ and ‘criminal’ argument, only to change his tune after the lawsuit was filed.” – Reason



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